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Columbia College Today May 2005
Cover Story


 John Jay Dinner 2005
 John Crabtree ’78
    Wines and Dines at
     the Kittle House


Cover Story Cover Story

The Coach of Silicon Valley

Bill Campbell ’62 journeyed from Western Pennsylvania to Baker Field to Silicon Valley, but he never forgot his roots or the people he met along the way.
By Charles Butler ’95 [more]



John Jay Dinner 2005

John Jay Dinner 2005

A recap of this year’s event, with a photo montage.
By Alex Sachare ’71, photos by Eileen Barroso [more]



John Crabtree ’78 Wines and Dines At the Kittle House

John Crabtree ’78 Wines and Dines At the Kittle House

A College alumnus and parent offers fine dining and an award-dinning wine selection at his Chappaqua, N.Y., restaurant.
By Dina Cheney ’99 [more]


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