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Columbia College Today September 2005
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Point of Opinion by H.W. Farewell ’40. This essay collection demystifies parliamentary procedure based on Farewell’s philosophy that good procedure is the application of simple courtesy, tact and common sense to group decision making (Infinity Publishing, $11.95).

Byways by James Laughlin, edited by Peter Glassgold ’60. Laughlin’s memoir covers his life during the Civil War years, his attending school in Switzerland and his time as publisher of Perspectives and founder of New Directions (New Directions, $35).

Summer Accommodations by Sidney Hart ’60. In his new novel, Hart — a writer and practicing psychiatrist — chronicles the adventures of a busboy at a Catskills resort in the summer of 1956 as he earns money for college and searches for love (Atlas Books, $13.95).

Chaos, Corruption, Courage and Glory: A Year
                in Boxing
Chaos, Corruption, Courage and Glory: A Year in Boxing by Thomas Hauser ’67

A Sail to Great Island by Alan Feldman ’66. This collection of award-winning poems has three sections: poems about memory, reflections from family life and global issues (The University of Wisconsin Press, $14.95).

Chaos, Corruption, Courage and Glory: A Year in Boxing by Thomas Hauser ’67. Hauser’s anthology of his recent essays include stories of boxing luminaries such as Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson and Bernard Hopkins, among others, creating a broad record of today’s boxing scene (Sport Classic Books, $13.95).

Dear Senator: A Memoir by the Daughter of Strom Thurmond by Essie Mae Washington-Williams and William Stadiem ’69. With the assistance of bestselling author Stadiem, the proclaimed illegitimate daughter of Senator Strom Thurmond reflects on the complicated, yet loving, private relationship she had with her father (Regan Books, $24.95).

Dear Senator: A Memoir by the Daughter of Strom
Dear Senator: A Memoir by the Daughter of Strom Thurmond by Essie Mae Washington-Williams and William Stadiem ’69

When a Woman Loves a Man by David Lehman ’70. In this collection, the poet attempts to capture the romance, irony and pathos of love with subjects ranging from post–9-11 New York to Gertrude Stein to Buddhism (Scribner, $17).

Welcome to Kiwi: Jaundiced Views of the Mideast 1979–2004 by Lynn Lindsay ’70. This compilation includes Lindsay’s essays that confront misconceptions of the “West versus the Rest” ideology in foreign policy toward the Middle East, covering military, economic, social and political issues (BooksByBookends, $13).

The Poorhouse: America’s Forgotten Institution by David Wagner ’72. Wagner brings to light a forgotten piece of American history, examining the history, living conditions and faults of the poorhouses created in the early 1900s to reform poor, deviant citizens into productive members of society (Rowman & Littlefield, $22.95).

When a Woman Loves a Man
When a Woman Loves a Man by David Lehman ’70

Whiskey Priest by Alexander J. Motyl ’75. Motyl explores themes of identity, faith and redemption in this novel about a disillusioned KGB assassin and a U.S. diplomat searching Ukraine to put an end to an Ivy League professor’s prostitution ring funded with stolen Russian mafia money (iUniverse, $12.95).

Scenes From an Ordinary Life: Getting Naked To Explore a Writer’s Process and Possibilities by Lou Orfanella ’82. The author explains how writing allows people to find creative and emotional outlets, suggesting that strong writing comes from repressed emotions and encouraging writers to “get naked” by deeply exploring their inner selves (Fine Tooth Press, $13.99).

Fourier Analysis by Eric Stade ’83. A mathematics professor, Stade presents a thorough approach to the advanced calculus concepts of Fourier analysis in a reader-friendly and systematic way, including history and impact on the development of modern mathematical analysis and today’s applications of the principles (Wiley, $94.95).

Jews and Blacks in the Early Modern World by Jonathan Schorsch ’86. Schorsch offers in-depth treatment of Jewish images of and behavior toward blacks during the period of peak Jewish involvement in Atlantic slave-holding (Cambridge University Press, $85).

How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets by Garth Stein ’87. 31-year-old Evan never did much growing up, but the death of his high school girlfriend forces him to face the darkness of his past as he tries to reconcile with a 14-year-old son he never knew (Soho Press, $25).

Femme’s Dictionary by Carol Guess ’90. After completing several novels, Guess moves into the realm of poetry with this passionate anthology that illustrates the beauty and hardships of a lesbian lifestyle (Calyx Books, $13.95).

Jackfish by J Milligan ’92. Described as a “noir story told in Technicolor,” Jackfish is the tale of a secret agent from the Lost City of Atlantis learning to make his way in the New York City streets while completing his mission (Soho Press, $24).

War By Candlelight by Daniel Alarcón ’99. Reflecting on his past in Peru, Alarcón juxtaposes nine short stories to explore how war impacts individuals using characters ranging from unremorseful terrorists to struggling immigrants to a reporter (Harper Collins, $23.95).

Irresistible Empire
Irresistible Empire by Victoria de Grazia

The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art by Arthur C. Danto, Emeritus Johnsonian Professor of Philosophy. The reprint of this influential study examines the complex relationship between art and philosophy, exploring such questions as, “Is art only meant for pleasure?” and “Is art just another form of philosophy?” (Columbia University Press, $24.50).

Irresistible Empire by Victoria de Grazia, professor of history. De Grazia offers an account of how the American standard of living triumphed over the European way of life and attained the controversial global cultural hegemony that is both its great strength and key weakness today (Harvard University Press, $29.95).


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