Milstein Receives
  Hamilton Medal



Robin Yerkes Horton
John Metaxas '80


Heidi Pomfret '92
Howard Selinger '71


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The wedding of Wah Chen '92 to Ed Renwick in Palo Alto Hills, Calif., on July 7 occasioned a reunion of Columbians. Pictured at the reception are Matt Assiff '89, Wanda Cole-Frieman, Barnard '93, Meredith Norton '92, Yoshi Maruyama '92E, Wah Chen '92, Tomoko Yamamoto '92, Dalia Cohen '92, Karl Cole-Frieman '92, Frank Au '92 and Eric Garcetti '92. Other Columbians who attended the wedding but missed the photo op included Stefan Reyniak '91, Ingrid Stabb Dev '91 and Ben Besley '93. Invited but unable to attend were Karen Waite Armondo, Barnard '92, and Lisa Landau '89.


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