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What They're Saying About Lerner Hall

Compiled by Jonathan Lemire '01
Photos: Sarah Bookbinder, Barnard '00

Ross McSweeny '02
  1) Ross McSweeney '02, Berwin, Pa.
What do you think of Lerner Hall?
"I like it. It's a unique, non-academic building that you don't confuse with Hamilton or one of the libraries. It's clear that its role is a little more informal."

David Bedoll '04
  2) David Bedoll '04, Seattle
If you could change one thing about Lerner, what would it be?
"It's not very economically designed and it really takes a long time to get from one place to another. And the ramp system is inefficient at best. But I actually really like Lerner, it's a good place."

Akasemi Newsome '01
  3) Akasemi Newsome '01, New Rochelle, N.Y.
If Lerner didn't exist, what would be the No. 1 thing about it that you would miss?
"There are many things I would miss. I suppose having my food, my mail, the bookstore and events like movies and cultural shows in one place is really nice. It's just convenient to have it all here."

Marissa Miyazaki '02
  4) Marissa Miyazaki '02, Los Angeles
You come to Lerner only once or twice a week. What would motivate you to come more often?
"One improvement that they could make would be to make it less sterile and warmer on the eyes. I think they are trying by hanging up banners and posters, but they could do a better job. And add some life, light, plants, anything. And there are never many people here, it's just a place people pass through, not a real student center."

Becky Fischer '03
  5) Becky Fischer '03, Richmond, Va.
How do you feel about Lerner?
"Its architectural design doesn't really fit the campus. It's an attractive-looking building, but it doesn't really fit here. But as far as usefulness, it's really great. I have lots of meetings here, and I often come up here to one of these comfortable chairs on the fourth floor and study."

Anjana Dwivedi '04
  6) Anjana Dwivedi '04, Houston
What could Lerner use that it doesn't have?
"It could use more entertainment options. The only entertainment that's in here now is the game room where the pool tables are irregularly sized. And sometimes it's tough to put on something. For instance, my group is putting on a dance show and there are all these technical fees that we have to pay the building."

Brian Webster '02
  7) Brian Webster '02, Randolph, N.J.
What would make Lerner better than it is now?
"More students. Once more students come in and get used to Lerner, they'll add a flavor to it. Slowly, but surely, it'll become a real student center. They should look into making this place open 24 hours. Students have such crazy hours. There are still plenty of people awake at 2, 3, 4 in the morning, and many of them would wind up here."

Eric Thomas '03
  8) Eric Thomas '03, Baltimore
What would you change about Lerner?
"The ramps facilitate entering and leaving but don't really facilitate student interaction. They should make a lot more rooms and spaces for student organizations, for meetings and parties. They should add a moderate-sized multi-purpose room that would be nice-looking and could be used for dinners, gala balls and even for theater performances."

Shadi Cortaz '03
  9) Shadi Cortaz '03, Lebanon
What do you like and dislike about Lerner?
"That everything is in the same place really helps, but at the same time it's sometimes tough to organize events here. Because we're encouraged to use Lerner for all events, using other spaces on campus requires more money. I'd like to see more space available for events and meetings, plus some more music practice rooms."

Maria Mullarkey '02

   10) Maria Mullarkey '02, Pittston, Pa.
If you could change one thing in the building, what would it be?
"[Laughs] I don't know about those ramps. They just confuse everything."
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