Core as Praxis

HUMA UN2000 – The Core as Praxis or Fieldwork provides students with the opportunity to explore the connections among texts from the Core Curriculum, their work in their major field of study, and their work in a professional environment outside of Columbia’s campus. Students will be guided through a process of reflection on the ideas and approaches that they develop in Core classes and in the courses in their major, to think about how they can apply theory to practice in the context of an internship or other experiential learning environment. Students will reread and revisit a text that they have studied previously in Literature Humanities or in Contemporary Civilization as the basis for their reading and writing assignments over the semester.

Student Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Engaged during the semester in an internship or other experiential learning opportunity
  2. Completed the sophomore year
  3. Declared a major (or concentration)

HUMA UN2000 may not be taken with the Pass/D/Fail option. All students will receive a letter grade for the course. Students can take HUMA UN2000 twice.

Please consult with your advising dean or write to with any questions.