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Frontiers of Science

SCNC CC1000 and SCNC CC1100Frontiers of Science is a one-semester course that integrates modern science into the Core Curriculum through lectures and seminar sections. On Mondays throughout the semester, each of Columbia’s leading scientists present a mini-series of lectures. During the rest of the week, senior faculty and Columbia post-doctoral science fellows (research scientists selected for their teaching abilities) lead seminar sections limited to twenty-two students to discuss the lecture and its associated readings, and to debate the implications of the most recent scientific discoveries.

Frontiers of Science satisfies one of the three required courses of the science requirement for Columbia College. For information about registering for Frontiers of Science, please refer to the College Bulletin or General Studies Bulletin and consult your advising dean.

Ruben L. Gonzalez, Jr.

Professor of Chemistry

614 Havemeyer Hall

Ivana Nikolic Hughes

Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Chemistry

618 Pupin Hall

The Readings

All readings for Frontiers of Science will be made available to registered students in CourseWorks.