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The Core Curriculum

Liberal Education Library at the Center for the Core

Author Title
Abelard, Peter Ethical Writings
Abelard, Peter Historia Calamitatum - The Story of My Misfortunes
Adamson, Sir John Ernest The Theory of Education in Plato's Republic
Adler, Mortimer J. How to Read a Book
Adler, Mortimer J. The Paideia Program
Adler, Mortimer J. The Paideia Proposal
Alperson, Philip What is Music?
Altbach, Philip G. American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century
Anderson, Amanda The Way We Argue Now
Anderson, Charles W. Prescribing the Life of the Mind
Apple, Michael W. Education and Power
Apple, Michael W. Ideology and Curriculum
Apple, Michael W. Official Knowledge
Aristotle On Rhetoric
Aristotle Poetics
Aristotle Politics
Aristotle The Nichomachean Ethics
Arnold, Matthew Culture and Anarchy
Aronowitz, Stanley The Knowledge Factory
Arthur, James Citizenship and Higher Education
Arthur, James Education With Character
Astin, Alexander W. What Matters in College? Four Critical Years Revisited
Atwill, Janet M. Rhetoric Reclaimed
Augustine, St. Enchiridion on Faith, Hope, and Love
Aurelius, Marcus Meditations
Baker, Wayne America's Crisis of Values
Bakhtin, Mikhail Rabelais and His World
Barnes, Harry Elmer An Intellectual and Cultural History of the Western World
Baron, Hans The Crisis of the Early Italian Renaissance
Banta,Trudy W. Assessing Student Achievement in General Education
Barker, William The Adages of Erasmus
Barzun, Jacques A Jacques Barzun Reader - Selections From His Works
Barzun, Jacques Teacher in America
Barzun, Jacques The American University
Barzun, Jacques The House of Intellect
Bauer, Susan Wise The Well-Educated Mind
Belenky, Mary Field Women's Ways of Knowing
Belknap, Robert L. Tradition and Innovation
Bell, Daniel The Reforming of General Education
Bender, Thomas New York Intellect
Bender, Thomas The University and the City
Bennet, William J. The Book of Virtues
Bentham, Jeremy A Fragment on Government
Bentham, Jeremy An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation
Bentham, Jeremy Defence of Usury
Bernal, Martin Black Athena Volume II
Bérubé, Michael Rhetorical Occasions
Bérubé, Michael Public Access
Birnbaum, Robert How Colleges Work
Blanshard, Bland The Uses of a Liberal Education
Bloom, Allan The Closing of the American Mind
Bloom, Harold The Western Canon - The Books and School of the Ages
Boccaccio Famous Women
Bock, Gisela Machiavelli and Republicanism
Boethius The Consolation of Philosophy
Bok, Derek Universities in the Marketplace
Bok, Derek Our Underachieving Colleges
Booth, Wayne C. The Knowledge Most Worth Having
Bowen, Howard R. Investment in Learning
Bowen, William G. Equity and Excellence in American Higher Education
Bowen, William G. Reclaiming the Game
Boyer, Ernest L. Scholarship Reconsidered
Brann, Eva T. Paradoxes of Education in a Republic
Brann, Eva The Music of the Republic
Brett, Annabel Rethinking the Foundations of Modern Political Thought
Brint, Steven The Future of the City of Intellect - The Changing American University
Bromwich, David Politics by Other Means
Brown, David G. Teaching with Technology
Brown, Peter Augustine of Hippo
Bruell, Christopher On the Socratic Education
Bruner, Jerome Acts of Meaning
Bruner, Jerome Actual Minds, Possible Worlds
Bruner, Jerome On Knowing
Bruner, Jerome The Process of Education
Burckhardt, Jacob The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
Burke, Edmund Reflections on the Revolution in France
Burke, Peter The Italian Renaissance
Bushnell, Rebecca W. A Culture of Teaching
Butts, R. Freeman The College Charts Its Course
Bynum, Caroline Walker Fragmentation and Redemption
Bynum, Caroline Walker Holy Feast and Holy Fast
Bynum, Caroline Walker Jesus as Mother
Bynum, Caroline Walker Metamorphosis and Identity
Bynum, Caroline Walker The Resurrection of the Body
Callan, Eamonn Creating Citizens
Calvin, John Institutes of the Christian Religion
Carnochan, W.B. The Battleground of the Curriculum
Casement, William The Great Canon Controversy
Cassirer, Ernst Renaissance Philosophy
Cassirer, Ernst The Individual and the Cosmos in Renaissance Philosophy
Chambliss, J.J. Educational Theory as Theory of Conduct
Chambliss, J.J. The Influence of Plato and Aristotle on John Dewey's Philosophy
Cicero On the Ideal Orator
Cohen, Arthur M. The Shaping of American Higher Education
Colby, Anne Educating Citizens
Conant, James Bryant General Education in a Free Society
Copenhaver, Brian P. Renaissance Philosophy
Corbett, Edward P.J. Our Underachieving Colleges
Cottom, Daniel Why Education is Useless
Crandon-Malamud, Libbet From the Fat of Our Souls
Cuban, Larry Reconstructing the Common Good in Education
Cummings, Dolan The Changing Role of the Public Intellectual
Cunningham, Lawrence Culture and Values Volume I
Cunningham, Lawrence Culture and Values Volume II
Davidson, Thomas Aristotle and Ancient Education Ideals
Davis, Michael Wonderlust
Deane, Herbert E. The Political and Social Ideals of St. Augustine
de Grazia, Sebastian Machiavelli in Hell
Dellaneva, Joann Ciceronian Controversies
Denby, David Great Books
de Piza, Christine The Books of the City of Ladies
Derrick, Christopher Escape from Scepticism
Dewey, John Art as Experience
Dewey, John Democracy and Education
Dewey, John Experience and Education
Dewey, John How We Think
DeVitis, Joseph L. To Serve and Learn
Douglas, A.E. Cicero: Tusculan Disputations II-V
Demaria, Jr., Robert Classical Literature and its Reception
Douthat, Ross Gregory Privilege - Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class
Drake, Stillman Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo
D'Souza, Dinesh The Enemy at Home
Duderstat, James J. A University for the 21st Century
Durkheim, Emile Moral Education
Durkheim, Emile The Elementary Forms of Religious Life
Edman, Irwin Philosopher's Holiday
Eisner, Eliot Learning and Teaching: The Ways of Knowing
Eisner, Eliot W. The Arts and the Creation of Mind
Elias, Norbert The Civilizing Process
Elias, Norbert The Court Society
Efland, Arthur D. A History of Art Education - Intellectual and Social Currents in Teaching the Visual Arts
Efland, Arthur D. Art and Cognition - Integrating the Visual Arts in the Curriculum
Ellis, John M. Literature Lost
Erasmus Collected Works of Erasmus 27
Erasmus Collected Works of Erasmus 28
Erasmus Collected Works of Erasmus 29
Erasmus The Education of a Christian Prince
Erasmus The Praise of Folly and Other Writings
Erskine, John The Complete Life
Erskine, John The Delight of Great Books
Erskine, John The Private Life of Helen of Troy
Estell, Doug Reading Lists for College-Bound Students
Fairweather, Eugene R. A Scholarly Miscellany
Farina, John Devotio Moderna - Basic Writings
Farnham, Nicholas H. Rethinking Liberal Education
Feagin, Susan Aesthetics
Feldman, Burke Philosophy of Art Education
Fiero, Gloria K. The Humanistic Tradition 4
Fiero, Gloria K. The Humanistic Tradition 5
Fiero, Gloria K. The Humanistic Tradition 6
Finn, Jr., Chester E. Challenges to the Humanities
First, Wesley University on the Heights
Flexner, Abraham Universities
Frankel, Charles The Uses of Philosophy
Freedman, James O. Liberal Education and the Public Interest
Freire, Paulo Pedagogy of Freedom
Freire, Paulo Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Fromm, Harold Academic Capitalism and Literary Value
Fuller, Ross The Brotherhood of the Comon Life and its Influences
Gaff, Jerry G. General Education Today
Gaff, Jerry G. Handbook of the Undergraduate Curriculum
Gardner, Howard Art Education and Human Development
Gardner, Howard Frames of Mind - The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Gardner, Howard Intelligence Reframed
Gay, Peter The Enlightenment
Gibaldi, Joseph MLA Handbook
Gilligan, Carol In a Different Voice
Gilson, Etienne The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy
Gilson, Etienne God and Philosophy
Giroux, Henry A. Take Back Higher Education
Gless, Darryl J. The Politics of Liberal Education
Glyer, Diana The Liberal Arts in Higher Education
Goldberger, Nancy Knowledge, Difference and Power - Essays Inspired by Women's Ways of Knowing
Goldhill, Simon Love, Sex and Tragedy
Goldhill, Simon Who Needs Greek?
Gould, Stephen Jay The Hedgehog, the Fox, and the Magister's Pox
Graber, Robert Bates Valuing Useless Knowledge
Graff, Gerald Beyond the Culture Wars
Graff, Gerald Clueless in Academe
Graff, Gerald Professing Literature
Graff, Harvey J. The Legacies of Literature
Graham, Gordon Universities: The Recovery of an Idea
Greene, Maxine Releasing the Imagination
Greene, Maxine Variations on a Blue Guitar
Grendler, Paul F. Schooling in Renaissance Italy
Grendler, Paul F. The Universities of the Italian Renaissance
Guillory, John Cutural Capital
Gutek, Gerald L. Philosophical and Idealogical Voices in Education
Gutman, Amy Democratic Education
Haarlow, William N. Great Books, Honors Programs, and Hidden Origins
Hacker, Diana The Bedford Handbook
Hale, John The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance
Hankins, James Renaissance Civic Humanism
Haskins, Charles Homer The Rise of Universities
Hay, Denys The Italian Renaissance
Henrie, Mark C. A Student's Guide to the Core Curriculum
Henry III, William A. In Defense of Elitism
Hersh, Richard H. Declining by Degrees
Hirsch, Jr., E.D. Cultural Literacy
Hooks, Bell Teaching to Transgress
Hodges, John C. Hodges' Harbrace College Handbook
Hofstadter, Richard Anti-Intellectualism in American Life
Hofstadter, Richard Academic Freedom in the Age of the College
Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz Campus Life
Hsia, R. Po-Chia The World of Catholic Renewal 1540-1770
Huber, Mary Taylor The Advancement of Learning
Huizinga, Johan Erasmus and the Age of Reformation
Huizinga, Johan The Autumn of the Middle Ages
Huizinga, Johan The Waning of the Middle Ages
Humphrey, David C. From King's College to Columbia, 1746-1800
Hutchins, Robert Maynard The Higher Learning in America
Jacob, Margaret C. The Enlightenment
Jaboby, Russell The Last Intellectuals
Jaeger, Werner Paideia Volume II
Jardine, Lisa Worldly Goods
Joseph, Pamela Bolotin Cultures of Curriculum
Jukes, Ian Windows on the Future
Juvenal The Satires
Kallendorf, Craig W. Humanist Educational Treatises
Kant, Immanuel Critique of Judgement
Kant, Immanuel Education
Kanter, Sandra L. Revitalizing General Education in a Time of Scarcity - A Navigational Chart for Adminstrators and Faculty
Karabell, Zachary What's College For? - The Struggle to Define American Higher Education
Kennedy, Donald Academic Duty
Kerr, Clark The Uses of the University
Kerr, Clark Troubled Times for American Higher Education
Kimball, Robert Tenureed Radicals
Klein, Julie Thompson Crossing Boundaries - Knowledge, Disciplinaries, and Interdisciplinaries
Knight, Kelvin Aristotelian Philosophy
Knox, Bernard The Oldest Dead White European Males
Kohl, Benjamin G. The Earthly Republic
Kors, Alan Charles The Shadow University
Kraye, Jill The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism
Kristeller, Paul Oskar Eight Philosophers of the Italian Renaissance
Kristeller, Paul Oskar Renaissance Thought and the Arts
Kristeller, Paul Oskar Renaissance Thought and its Sources
Levi, William Art Education
Levine, Arthur When Hope and Fear Collide
Levine, Donald N. Powers of the Mind
Levine, Lawrence W. The Opening of the American Mind
Levinson, Meira The Demands of Liberal Education
Lewis, C.S. The Abolition of Man
Lipsius, Justus On Constancy
LittleJohn, Robert Wisdom and Eloquence
Locke, John Some Thoughts Concerning Eduction and Of the Conduct of the Understanding
Lodge, R.C. Plato's Theory of Education
Lucas, Christopher J. American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century
Lucas, Christopher J. Crisis in the Academy
Luther, Martin Martin Luther - Selections From His Writings
Macedo, Stephen Diversity and Distrust
MacIntyre, Alasdair After Virtue
MacIntyre, Alasdair A Short History of Ethics
Manent, Pierre An Intellectual History of Liberalism
Mark, Michael L. A History of Ameircan Music Education
Mark, Michael L. Music Education
Martin, F. David The Humanities through the Arts
Martin, Jane Roland Reclaiming a Conversation
Maskell, Duke The New Idea of a University
Matthews, Roy T. Readings in the Western Humanities Volume II
Matthews, Roy T. The Western Humanities Volume I
Matthews, Roy T. The Western Humanities Volume II
McCaughey, Robert A. Stand, Columbia
McGarry, Daniel D. The Metalogicon of John of Salisbury
McGrath, Charles Books of the Century - A Hundred Years of Authors, Ideas, and Literature
McWilliams, Wilson Carey The Federalists, the Antifederalists, and the American Political Tradition
Meckler, Michael Classical Antiquity and the Politics of America
Meiklejohn, Alexander The Experimental College
Melanchthon, Philip Orations on Philosophy and Education
Menand, Louis TheMetaphysical Club
Michaels, Walter Ben The Shape of the Signifier
Minnis, A.J. Medieval Literary Theory and Criticism c.1100-c.1375
Montesquieu The Greatness of the Romans and their Decline
Montesquieu The Persian Letters
Montesquieu The Spirit of the Laws
Moore, Douglas From Madrigal to Modern Music
More, Thomas Utopia
More, Saint Thomas Selected Writings
Morison, Samuel Eliot Three Centuries of Harvard
Muir, Edward The Culture Wars of the Late Renaissance
Mulcahy, D.G. Knowledge, Gender, and Schooling
Nadaff, Ramona A. Exiling the Poets
Nauert, Charles G. Humanism and the Culture of Renaissance Europe
Nelson, Eric The Greek Tradition in Republican Thought
Nelson, Michael Alive at the Core
Nettleship, Richard Lewis The Theory of Education in the Republic of Plato
Newman, John Henry The Idea of a University
Norton, W.W. The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces
Nussbaum, Martha C. Women and Human Development
Nussbaum, Martha C. Upheavels of Thought
Nussbaum, Martha C. Cultivating Humanity
Oberman, Heiko A. Forerunners of the Reformation
Oberman, Heiko A. The Reformation
Oberman, Heiko A. The Dawn of the Reformation
Oberman, Heiko A. Luther - Man Between God and the Devil
Oberman, Heiko A. The Impact of the Reformation
Okin, Susan Moller Women in Western Political Thought
Olin, John C. The Autobiography of St. Ignatius Loyola
Ozment, Steven The Age of Reform 1250-1550
Palmer, Joy A. Fifty Major Thinkers on Education
Palmer, Joy A. Fifty Modern Thinkers on Education
Pascarella, Ernest T. How College Affects Students
Paul, Richard W. Critical Thinking - Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life
Pearcy, Lee T. The Grammar of Our Civility
Peddiwell, J. Abner The Saber-Tooth Curriculum
Pelikan, Jaroslav The Idea of the University - A Reexamination
Perkins, David N. The Intelligent Eye
Phenix, Philip H. Realms of Meaning
Phenix, Philip H. Education and the Common Good
Plato The Trial and Death of Socrates
Plato Symposium
Plato The Collected Dialogues
Pocock, J.G.A. The Machiavellian Moment
Poovey, Mary A History of the Modern Fact
Proctor, Robert E. Defining the Humanities
Randall, Jr., John Herman The Making of the Modern Mind
Ranft, Patricia Women in Western Intellectual Culture, 600-1500
Ratcliff, James L. New Directions for Higher Education - Changing General Education Curriculum
Read, Donald A. Humanistic Education Sourcebook
Readings, Bill The University in Ruins
Reed, Ronald F. Philosophical Documents in Education
Reuben, Julie A. The Making of the Modern University
Rhodes, Frank H.T. The Creation of the Future - The Role of the American University
Rice, Jr., Eugene F. Saint Jerome in the Renaissance
Roberts, Jon H. The Sacred and the Secular University
Rogge, Benjamin A. Education in a Free Society
Rorty, Amélie Oksenberg Philsophers on Education - New Historical Perspectives
Rorty, Richard Achieving Our Country
Rothblatt, Sheldon The European and American University Since 1800
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Émile
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Essay on the Origin of Languages and Writings Related to Music
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Julie or the New Heloise
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Reveries of the Solitary Walker
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Political Writings
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques The Confessions
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques The First and Second Discourses
Rudolph, Frederick The American College and University - A History
Russell, Bertrand On Education
Scaglione, Aldo The Liberal Arts and the Jesuit College System
Schall, S.J., James V. A Student's Guide to Liberal Learning
Schiller, Friedrich On the Aesthetic Education of Man
Schlesinger, Andrew Veritas - Harvard College and the American Experience
Schneider, Carol Geary The Academy in Transition - Contemporary Understandings of Liberal Education
Schwab, Joseph J. Science, Curriculum, and Liberal Education
Scott, Dominic Recollection aqnd Experience
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus Letters from a Stoic
Shakespeare King Lear
Shapiro, Ben Brainwashed
Shaprio, Harold T. A Larger Sense of Purpose
Shor, Ira Culture Wars
Shulman, James L. The Game of Life
Siegel, Harvey Educating Reason
Simpson, Douglas J. John Dewey and the Art of Teaching
Sinaiko, Herman L. Reclaiming the Canon
Skinner, Quentin The Foundations of Modern Political Thought 1
Skinner, Quentin The Foundations of Modern Political Thought 2
Smith, Adam The Theory of Moral Sentiments
Smith, Adam The Wealth of Nations
Smith, Barry Liberal Education in a Knowledge Society
Snow, C.P. The Two Cultures
Southern, R.W. Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages
Southern, R.W. The Making of the Middle Ages
St. Ignatius The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
Strauss, Leo History of Political Philosophy
Tachau, Katherine H. Vision and Certitude in the Age of Ockham
Tarnas, Richard The Passion of the Western Mind - Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped Our World View
Thelin, John R. A History of American Higher Education
Thomas, Russell The Search for a Common Learning
Trinkaus, Charles In Our Image and Likeness Volume 1
Trinkaus, Charles In Our Image and Likeness Volume 2
Ulich, Robert Three Thousand Years of Educational Wisdom
Veblen, Thorstein The Higher Learning in America
Vergil, Polydore On Discovery
Veysey, Laurence R. The Emergence of the American University
Vico, Giambattista On Humanistic Education (Six Inaugural Orations, 1699-1707)
Voltaire Candide and Related Texts
Voltaire Letters Concerning the English Nation
Voltaire Philosophical Dictionary
Voltaire Zadig and L'Ingénu
Watson, JoAnna M. Perspectives on Liberal Education - Pioneers and Pallbearers
Watson, Peter The Modern Mind
Weld, William Ernest Herbert E. Hawkes
Williams, Raymond Culture and Society: 1780-1950
Wilshire, Bruce The Moral Collapse of the University
Wilson, James Q. The Moral Sense
Wolff, Robert Paul The Ideal of the University
Wolin, Sheldon, S. Politics and Vision
Wollstonecraft, Mary An Historical and Moral View on the French Revolution (1795)
Wollstonecraft, Mary A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
The Insider's Guide to the Colleges