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The Core Curriculum

“The Name of the Rose” Directed by Jean-Jacques Arnaud, 1986.

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Clip from “The Name of the Rose,” Directed by Jean-Jacques Arnaud, 1986. This clip, from the movie version of Umberto Eco’s best selling historical mystery The Name of the Rose, dramatizes the conflict over the reception of the works of Aristotle in medieval Europe. As Aristotle’s works were reintroduced to the West in the 12th and 13th centuries, they caused dissension and conflict among religious scholars and theologians. Aquinas himself led the incorporation of Aristotle into the mainstream of Christian teaching, harmonizing Aristotelian naturalism with Church dogma. The movie mines the difficulties this posed for their danger and drama. This clip comes from the movie’s end, where we discover how and why Aristotle is bound up with the suspicious deaths of monks at an imaginary Benedictine Abbey, giving voice to the stakes and challenges of incorporating Aristotle into Christianity. Do not watch if if you plan to watch the movie though; it will give away the ending.

Source: The Name of the Rose, 20th Century Fox, 1986.