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The Core Curriculum

“The Rights (and Wrongs) of Mary Wollstonecraft, dir. by Steve Vernon, 2009.

A play based on Mary Wollstonecraft’s and William Godwin’s romance.  The play was originally performed at Thalian Hall Studio Theatre, Wilmington, NC. Feb. 5, 2009. It was written by Doug Pendergrass and Directed by Steve Vernon.

The clips shown center on Wollstonecraft’s romance with her husband, William Godwin. It emphasizes the radical nature of their respective politics and involvement in the French        Revolution.  It also focuses on the transgressive nature of Wollstonecraft’s sexual past,     particularly her objection to marriage as an institution.  It is narrated by Mary Shelley,    Wolstonecraft’s daughter and author of Frankenstein.