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"Two souls, alas, dwell in my breast, / each seeks to rule without the other./ The one with robust love's desires / clings to the world with all its might, / the other fiercely rises from the dust / to reach sublime ancestral regions. / Oh, should there be spirits roaming through the air / which rule between the earth and heaven, / let them leave their golden haze and come to me, /let them escort me to a new and bright-hued life!" (Goethe, Faust, lines 1112-1121)



Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

1749 CE – 1832 CE

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, poet-philosopher and public intellectual, was an author whose interests spanned both the arts and sciences. He wrote on the subjects of anatomy, botany, and zoology, to name a few. And his contributions to German literature were so great that an entire era bears his name: the “Age of Goethe.”


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