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The Core Curriculum

J.P. Stern on Nietzsche: Section 1, BBC, 1987.

“Vehement repudiation of Christian and liberal ethics; the detestation of democratic ideals; the celebration of the "superman"; the death of God; and a life-affirming "will to power" are the philosophical legacies of Friedrich Nietzsche. In this program, Nietzsche philosopher J.P. Stern discusses these concepts as the genesis of existentialism, and as the root philosophies of fascist political movements.”

About the Series

“This series of incisive intellectual conversations from the BBC archives presents a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of western philosophy through 15 of its greatest thinkers. Each program features series creator, world-renowned author, professor, and philosophy specialist Bryan Magee, who discusses the philosophers’ ideas within the context of their times and intellectual accomplishments with other distinguished experts. 15-part series, 43-48 minutes each.”