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Mr. Darcy, Vampyre, by Amanda Grange, 2009

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Mr. Darcy, Vampyre, by Amanda Grange, 2009.

A number of sequels to Austen's novels have been published in the last decade. Most sequels continue Austen's plots from the moment at which the texts usually end: the wedding. Writer Amanda Grange offers a unique imagining of the post-nuptials of Pride and Prejudice. In Grange's sequel, Mr. Darcy's brooding masks a larger secret: Fitzwilliam Darcy is a vampire. Other sequels such as Jane Odiwe's Lydia Bennet's Story, and Pamela Aidan's series Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman retell Pride and Prejudice from alternate points of view. Regardless of the particular approach, the fictional responses to Austen's work share the desire to illuminate what Austen herself leaves unnarrated.


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