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Photo of Freud and students, 1909.

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This is a photograph taken of Freud, and some of his earliest followers, in 1909, on a trip to Clark University in the United States (where Freud delivered the lectures that can are now published in Five Lectures Lectures in Psychoanalysis). Freud is in the front row, the first on the left. Notably, also in the front row, and the first on the right, is Carl Jung, an early student of Freud with whom, ultimately, Freud broke off all relations, and who later developed psychoanalytically-inspired theories of religion and myth. Additionally, in center of the back row is Ernest Jones, one of Freud’s most faithful students, who wrote the first biography of Freud, and is largely responsible for the spread of psychoanalysis in England and in America. And, in the back row, on the right, is Sandor Ferenczi, a Hungarian student of Freud whose innovations in the technique of psychoanalysis were highly experimental, and even questionable, but which exercise a strong influence today. 


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