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Statue of Adam Smith, on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, by Edinburgh-born artist, Alexander Stoddart, unveiled in 2008.

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In 2008, the city of Edinburgh erected a monument to one of its most famous inhabitants, the moral philosopher and political economist, Adam Smith.  The statue, which sits atop Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile in an ancient marketplace, shows Smith gazing down towards the Canongate, where he is buried, and further across the harbor towards his birthplace of Kirkcaldy.  Viewers will notice that his right hand, which rests on a globe, is partially obscured by his academic robes—suggesting both Smith’s concerns with global commerce and his enduring trope, the ‘Invisible Hand.’  Within view of statue is a monument to Smith’s friend and fellow Scottish Enlightenment thinker David Hume.  Both were sculpted by the artist, Alexander Stoddart.


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