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Wovenhand's "Kingdom of Ice", 2008

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Wovenhand's "Kingdom of Ice", inspired by Job 39.

Woven Hand - Kingdom Of Ice

Album:Ten Stones [Sounds Familyre, 2008]

Seattle | Sept 2009




Did you o man
Give horse his might
Did you o man
clothe his neck with mane
he rushes out
to meet the sword
he laughs at fear
and is not dismayed
lay hand to mouth
spoken once
I have no answer
lay hand to mouth
spoken twice
I will say no more
In fierceness and rage
He paws at the ground
He smells the battle from afar
He turns not back
From its thunderous sound
Lay hand to mouth
Spoken once
You have no answer
Lay hand to mouth
Spoken twice
And say no more
He stands alight
The flames of a clear eye
We ride from here on
To his kingdom of ice
He stands alight
He stands alight