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The Core Curriculum

Explore the Scientific Habits of Mind

The scientific habits of mind taught in FroSci include a range of quantitative reasoning skills and an understanding of the scientific process:  basic statistics and probability, experimental design, sense of scale, calculating with units, back of the envelope calculations, feedback loops, and graph reading. All of these specific skills work in concert to help bolster the students' ability to understand how scientists approach asking and answering questions about the world, as well as how to apply such knowledge and skills in their own lives as individuals, citizens, and professionals. 

Calculating with UnitsBack of the Envelope Calculations
Sense of ScaleGraph Reading


Students learn about the various habits through adaptive learning lessons on the Smart Sparrow platform, and practice applying these habits using active learning strategies in seminars. The Smart Sparrow lessons are interactive and are designed with the student-centered approach of self-paced learning.