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The Core Curriculum

Three Concepts of Liberty

Course-wide Lecture, Fall 2003

by Quentin Skinner, Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge

The Fall 2003 Contemporary Civilization Coursewide lecture was delivered by Quentin Skinner, Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge, on Friday, October 24th in Lerner Hall.

One of the world's leading historians, Professor Skinner addressed students on the "Three Concepts of Liberty."

Professor Skinner's major contributions have been to intellectual history, the history of political thought, and to political theory. His interests have centered especially on the political philosophy of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and their relevance to contemporary political theory. He has published widely, as both a writer and an editor, and his many works include volumes one and two of The Foundations of Modern Political Thought, Machiavelli, Reason and Rhetoric in the Philosophy of Hobbes, Liberty before Liberalism, and, most recently, three volumes of his essays collected as Visions of Politics. Professor Skinner received his degrees from the University of Cambridge and is Fellow of the British Academy.

The Contemporary Civilization coursewide lecture series was established in 1999. Two lectures are given each year; one in the spring, and one in the fall. The lectures are sponsored by the Dean of the College. Additional information about the CC Coursewide lecture series is available on the Core Curriculum Web site.