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The Core Curriculum

The Soldier, The Sage, The Saint and The Citizen

Course-wide Lecture, Spring 2010

Mark Lilla, Professor of Humanities, Columbia University

On April 23, 2010, Professor Mark Lilla delivered the Spring 2010 Literature Humanities Course-wide Lecture.

Intended to help students consider the broad themes of their first year in the Core Curriculum, in Literature Humanities, the lecture was entitled "The Soldier, The Sage, The Saint and The Citizen." This bridge lecture between Literature Humanities and Contemporary Civilization was the first of its kind and the idea of outgoing Literature Humanities Chair and Violin Professor of Classics Gareth Williams.

"The function of this spring course-wide lecture was to help us to reflect upon the work that we have done in Literature Humanities and how it relates to the work that we shall do in Contemporary Civilization next year", said Williams, adding, "Professor Lilla's lecture helped our students think carefully about connections between these fundamental Core courses."