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The Core Curriculum

Registration For Fall 2019

CC/SEAS:  If you wish to change sections, please see your adviser for an add/drop form.  All forms must be brought into 310 Philosophy.  We will not do email requests for add/drops.

1.  You can drop off the form in 310 Philosophy and we will see if we can help you, or:

2.  The better way is to find someone with whom to trade sections.  If two of you come into 310 Philosophy wishing to change into each other's section, we can do that almost immediately.  Please note that we cannot place you into a time if you have another class of any kind already scheduled then, nor can we trade you if you are above your credit limit.

It is the same process for those wishing to make a UW/FoS switch.  In this case however, you will need to get approval from both the UWP and the Core offices and we will not be looking at these petitions until the end of the week of August 26.

General Studies:  You can add/drop only on-line.  Please see your adviser for assistance.

For everybody:   There are no wait-lists for UW, and instructors cannot add or drop you from their classes.  You need to follow the procedure for your school in order to add/drop a UW section.  We do NOT over-enroll UW sections for any reason.  Instructors will allow only students on their roster to sit in their class; there is no "shopping" UW classes.