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The Core Curriculum

Core Scholars Program

Core Scholars Submission Deadline: March 24, 2023! To apply, click the "Become a Core Scholar" button!

What is the Core Scholars Program?

Each year, the Core Scholars Program invites anyone who has taken a Core course to reflect on the materials of the Core Curriculum by creating a Core Reflection. Students who create exceptionally creative and well executed Reflections will be honored as Core Scholars; their Core Reflections will be featured here on the Core Curriculum website.

What is a Core Reflection?

Core Reflections analyze, question, dramatize, interpret, and (of course) reflect on the materials of the Core Curriculum in order to heighten understanding of Core topics, explore connections among Core works, and relate the Core to our contemporary world. Almost all formats and styles are welcome. Direct a film, record a song, or choreograph a dance (up to 10 minutes long). Write an essay, poem, short fiction, or graphic novel (up to 1,500 words). Paintings, drawings, and photography are also gladly accepted! Students are encouraged to push the boundaries beyond what is normally required in a Core course.

See the reflections created by the 2022 Core Scholars.

Why Become a Core Scholar?

There are several benefits to becoming a Core Scholar:

  • Build your CV
  • Receive a $200 cash award
  • Have your work featured on the Core website
  • Work with other Core Scholars and help vet next year's Core Reflections