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The Undergraduate Writing Program

Undergraduate Writing Program Staff

nw2108's picture
Wallack, Nicole B.
Director, Undergraduate Writing Program
M 11-12; R 3-4
sem2181's picture
Mendelsohn, Sue
Associate Director, UWP; Director, Writing Center
ajr2186's picture
Ritzenberg, Aaron
Associate Director, First-Year Writing
212-854-8459; 212-854-3886
gmg2119's picture
Gordon, Glenn Michael
Assistant Director, Technology and Pedagogical Resources
T R 2:30-3:30
jtu2102's picture
Ueda, Jason
Associate Director, Writing Center
W 12-2
jrs9's picture
Stobo, John R.
Administrative Assistant
acd2156's picture
Durgin, Allen
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Gender and Sexuality
F 1-5
vdg6's picture
Guida, Vanessa
Course Co-Director: University Writing for International Students
T R 9-11
vsj2105's picture
Jacobs, Valerie
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Law & Justice
M W 10:30-12:30
slp2152's picture
Porzak, Simon
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Data Sciences; Readings in Performance Arts
T 12-3
pr2538's picture
Routh, Prahlad K.
Lecturer in Discipline
at2992's picture
Tadmor, Avia
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Medical Humanities
CC: W 11:30-12:30; GS: 9-11
rjw2148's picture
Wisor, Rebecca
Course Co-Director, UW: Readings in Human Rights
M W 9-10, 1-2
Amoretti, Valerio
T R 7-8
Gordon, Walter
R 2-4
Mantele, Austin
T R 10-11
Saretto, Gianmarco
M W 10-11
Baker, Brianne
T R 4:15-5:15
Grabiner, Samuel
Mardirossian, Taleen
W 4-6
Sonkin, Rebecca
M 3:20-4:00; W 2:40-4:00
Banful, Akua
M 2-4
Gruska, Laura
M W 2:30-3:30
McCausland, Christina
W 4-6
Spata, Chelsea
T 12:30-2:30
Belafi, Veronica
M 2-4, 408d Phil
Halsberghe, Tibo
T R 2:30-4:00
McIntyre, Katherine
W 2:30-4:30
Staroselsky, Marianna
R 3-5
Borgen, Synne
T R 4:30-5:30
Horn, Adam
M 1:30-2:30; W 4-5
Michalowicz, Naomi
T 1-2; R 7-8
Styles-Swaim, Emma
M W 10-11
Bumekpor, Antoinette
M 2:30-4:30
Horst, Lauren
T R 2-3
Moran, Patrick
T R 10-11
Tang, Dennis
Cadiz Bedini, Daniella
F 9-11
Howe Haralambrous, Chloe
Nehring, Abbie
R 12-2
Terlunen, Milan
R 4-6
Carpenter, Sam
M R 4-5
Hunt Kivel, Emily
M 3-5
Newby, Diana
M 5-6; R 3-4
Tripathi, Ameya
T 1-3
Cienfuegos, Lindsey
T R 12-1
Jamieson, David
F 3-5
Olivier, Francois
R 2-4
Waller, Anna
M 11:30-12:30; T 10-11
Conte, Allaire
T 1-3
Jefferson, Raffe
T 5-7
Palanti, Alessia
T R 11:30-12:30
Wanner, Buck
M 10:30-11:30; F12-1 408D Phil
Creaghan, Marcus
T R 4-5
Kauders, Hannah
M 1-2; R 2-3
Park, Yea Jung
R 3:20-5:20
Wardlaw, Shelby
W 9-11
DaCosta, Gabrielle
R 2-4
Kelley, Elleza
W 10-12
Polefrone, Philip
T 3-4. 6-7; R 11:00-11:30
Weitzman, Emily
R 1-3
Del Sol, Lisa
W 12-1, R 2:30-3:30
Lefferts, Daniel
W 2-4
Pollak, Zoe
M W 7-8
Williams, Brianna
M 11:30-1:30
Dwivedi, Sumati
F 10-12
Lewis-Meeks, Anya
R 10:30-12:30
Potter, Anne
M 1-2; T 11-12
Winters, Adam
T R 4-5
Dyroff, Charlee
T 10-12
Lin, Theresa
M W 7-8
Reeve, Jonathan
F 10-12
Wood, Frances
T 11:30-12:30; R 2:30-3:30
Engebretson, Jessica
W 3-4, 5:30-6:30
Lowery, Jack
M W 6-7
Routh, Prahlad K.
Yoon, Ami
M 11:30-1:30
Foad, Lisa
T R 11:30-12:30