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Workshops and Events

Spring 2018

Workshops and events are free to Columbia's undergraduate and graduate students. They all take place on Fridays from 12:10-1:40 in Fayerweather 302 unless otherwise noted. 

For workshops, please register via our scheduler. Select "Spring 2018 Workshops" in the drop-down menu. 
Click here to reserve a spot. 

Academic Writing Workshops
Jan 24: Responding to Texts  (310 Phil. Hall, 6-730p)
Jan 31: Developing Claims (310 Phil. Hall, 6-730p)
Feb 9: Grammar 
Feb 16: Putting Texts in Conversation
March 2: Organization & Structure
April 6: Researching for Complexity                                         
April 13: Getting It Done                                                            

Responding to Texts
Jan 24
(310 Phil. Hall, 6-730p)
This workshop aims to offer a space to practice close reading/observation and then move to forming an argument. Please bring a paper copy of a text from class.

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Developing Claims
Jan 31
(310 Phil. Hall, 6-730p)
We’ll discuss new strategies for creating compelling, inquiry-driven claims. Please bring a rough draft of a paper. 

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Feb 9

In this workshop on grammar, we’ll develop strategies to address common grammar mistakes writers make. Please bring a piece of writing in progress.

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Putting Texts in Conversation
Feb 16                                

Managing multiple sources in richer ways is a difficult task. Moving beyond noting similarities and differences, this workshop invites participants to bring their own sources to explore intertextual relationships to enhance their own argument. 

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Organization & Structure
March 2

We look at effective strategies for arranging and connecting your ideas on the page. Please bring a piece of writing in progress. 

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Researching for Complexity
April 6

We’ll look at ways to get the most out of your research and use sources in richer, more complex ways. Please bring a piece of research writing in progress. 

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Getting It Done
April 13                                        

As we finish the term, it can be difficult to finish your drafts with the care you’re used to giving your work. We’ll share time management and writing process strategies that will save you time and stress. 

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Language Workshops

These workshops are designed with English language learners in mind, but all writers are welcome to attend

First Person           February 23
Clauses                  March 9
Passive Voice         March 23
Hedging Language March 30
Concision                April 20




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