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Writing Resources

What are you working on?

Check out our schedule of upcoming workshops and events here


Workshop Recordings & Materials

Transitioning into UW

How to apply what you already know about writing to the context of University Writing

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Essay Exam Preparation

Strategies for preparing for timed essay exams

The next workshop on essay exam prep will take place on Friday, December 10th at 2pm. Sign up here.

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Decoding Prompts

Strategies to read and interpret your assignment's instructions so you know what you’re being asked to do and what your instructor expects of you

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Reading Strategies

Different strategies for different reading goals - and how to use them

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Specifying Research Questions

Strategies for generating and developing specific questions to guide and give direction to your research

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Getting Writing Done: How to "Sit Down & Write"

Hacking the brain's dopamine system to make it easier to initiate writing tasks

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