Video playlist from Khadijah Sharif-Drinkard ’93

Small Khadijah


Khadijah Sharif-Drinkard ’93 spent her early career approving music videos to air on BET; CCT asked about her all-time favorite video hits.

“I still love ‘We are the World’ — aka USA for Africa —because it has an important message and the lyrics are still relevant today. I also like that so many diverse musical performers came together on a gratis basis to help raise money for Africa at a very critical time of need.”

“I like New Edition’s videos and it is difficult to choose — perhaps ‘If It Isn’t Love,’ because those are my favorite dance moves. I also like ‘Candy Girl,’ ‘Cool it Now’ or ‘Mr. Telephone Man,’ because they remind me of my childhood and the fun I had with my siblings imitating and performing as the band. It also has special significance for me since I made the deal for the New Edition mini-series and it was the highest rated show of all time on BET!”

“Finally, I also really like Soul for Real’s ‘Candy Rain’ because it was the best song to roller skate to.”