Jacqueline Basulto ’17 is One of Forbes’s “30 Under 30”

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Jacqueline Basulto ’17 is the founder and CEO of SeedX, a digital marketing company and business consultancy that has worked with presidential campaigns, global nonprofits, and Fortune 500 and e-commerce companies. Born and raised by Hispanic parents on Staten Island, Basulto attributes her hustle to the fast pace of New York City and her underdog background. She now lives in Austin, Texas, with her two dogs and fiancé.

What were you like when you arrived at Columbia?

I was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. I could not wait to jump into all the schoolwork and activities. I also remember having Imposter syndrome and being afraid to speak up in class for a while. Luckily, I had some great professors in my first year who encouraged me to share my thoughts until I felt more comfortable.

What do you remember about your first-year living situation?

I lived in Hartley — in the Living-Learning Center — and I had a single. I used to travel from Staten Island to Manhattan every day for high school, so I was SO EXCITED to have my own mini-apartment in the big city. I also had really great suitemates! Most of us are still good friends.

What Core class or experience do you most remember, and why?

My favorite Core class was Lit Hum. My professor, Emily Hayman GSAS’14, was a grad student at the time, and she is absolutely brilliant. I had so much fun reading all of the texts and hearing her insight. She is especially knowledgeable about her favorite writer, Virginia Woolf, whom I grew to really appreciate. I also grew so much as a thinker, reader and writer in that class.

Did you have a favorite spot on campus, and what did you like about it?

The lawn near La Maison Française, where the Thinker statue is. There are beautiful trees there and it’s so lovely to relax in that spot, soaking in the College’s history. I used to go there whenever I was overwhelmed, to remember to take in my experience on campus.

What, if anything, about your College experience would you do over?

I wish I enjoyed my time more! I was always so worried about grades and what I would be doing after college instead of just enjoying what I was learning and having access to wonderful professors.