Alumni Accolades

Columbia College alumni are recognized by the College for their loyalty and dedication to the College, as well as for their professional achievement. Following are the awards presented by the College to alumni in 2014–2015.

Alexander Hamilton Medal

The Alexander Hamilton Medal, the highest honor paid to a member of the College community, is presented annually by the Columbia College Alumni Association for distinguished service to the College and accomplishment.

  • Phillip M. Satow ’63, P: ’88, ’96, SIPA’01

Gerald Sherwin ’55 Young Alumni Service Award

This award honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service to Columbia College’s young alumni community. The award is presented at the annual Young Alumni Fund Spring Benefit.

  • Ganesh H. Betanabhatla ’06

John Jay Award

The John Jay Award, for distinguished professional achievement, honors members of the Columbia College family. Proceeds from the annual John Jay Awards Dinner benefit the John Jay National Scholars Program, which provides financial aid and special programming to enhance the academic and extracurricular experiences of outstanding students.

  • Kyra Tirana Barry ’87, P: ’17
  • Abigail B. Elbaum ’92, BUS’94
  • Ira Katznelson ’66, P: ’02
  • Nicholas P. Leone ’88, P: ’19
  • Andrew W. Marlowe ’88

President’s Cup for Distinguished Service

The cup is awarded annually to an alumnus/a for contributions to his or her class’ reunion.

  • Michael L. Cook ’65

Richard E. Witten ’75CC Award for Volunteer Leadership

The Richard E. Witten ’75CC Award for Volunteer Leadership honors volunteer fundraisers who have given of their time to inspire others to contribute to the University’s future. It is presented annually by the University’s Office of Alumni and development for extraordinary and innovative efforts across two to four years. Honorees are selected by representatives of the University Trustees Committee on Alumni Relations and Development and the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Development and Alumni Relations.

  • Robert L. Friedman ’64

Varsity C Alumni Award

This award, presented by Columbia Athletics, recognizes an alumnus and an alumna who have been outstanding contributors to Columbia Athletics for many years. The Columbia College recipient is listed.

  • Joseph J. Simone ’79