Barbara Mazur Scholarship

Marc B. Mazur ’81, P: ’12, ’15 and Crystal M. Owusu ’15

Marc B. Mazur ’81, P: ’12, ’15 and Crystal M. Owusu ’15 at the 2015 Dean’s Scholarship Reception. Photo: Michael DiVito

“Having been a financial aid recipient, there is no greater pleasure than returning that gift. Were it not for the generosity of previous donors, I would not have experienced the privilege of a Columbia education. The pleasure of being able to meet and get to know my scholarship recipients is a uniquely rewarding experience. They have all not only expressed appreciation, but are motivated to give back as they progress in their careers. It is a special feeling to be part of a process that will ensure that the Columbia spirit and loyalty will continue for generations to come.”

– Marc B. Mazur ’81, P: ’12, ’15, Barbara Mazur Scholarship

“It was such an honor to receive the Barbara Mazur Scholarship Fund. It was very encouraging to see others so willing to help me on my path, and I am so thankful for the aid and support I received at Columbia University.”

– Crystal M. Owusu ’15, recipient of the Barbara Mazur Scholarship