More than 15,000 donors, including alumni, parents, friends and members of the Class of 2015, gave to Columbia College during Fiscal Year 2014–2015. These donors, along with donors to Arts & Sciences, Athletics and the Columbia Libraries, support the extraordinary undergraduate experience that is available to College students.

Donor Recognition

The support of alumni, students, parents and friends is critical to advancing Columbia College’s mission. The following sections detail the ways in which our donors were recognized for their generosity during Fiscal Year 2014–2015.

Leadership Gifts

Leadership-level gifts help ensure the success of the College. These gifts of $50,000 and above support our students in every way and help inspire fellow alumni, parents and friends to support undergraduate education.

Leadership Pledges

Leadership-level pledges of $50,000 and above enable the College to make plans and to allocate funds to critical priorities. These pledges help bring the College’s most important goals within reach.

Endowed Funds

Endowed funds support current and future students at the College. They will exist in perpetuity to ensure that College students have the best possible undergraduate experience.

John Jay Associates

The John Jay Associates program recognizes alumni, parents and friends whose cumulative annual giving to the College and Athletics totals $1,500 or more. For Fiscal Year 2014–2015, the  minimum membership levels were:

  • Dean’s Platinum Circle: $250,000
  • Dean’s Gold Circle: $100,000
  • Dean’s Silver Circle: $50,000
  • Dean’s Circle: $25,000
  • Patron: $10,000
  • Sponsor: $5,000
  • Fellow: $3,500
  • Member: $1,500

For Fiscal Year 2014–2015, the minimum membership levels for recent alumni, Classes 2001-2014, were:

  • Dean’s Circle: $5,000 for Classes 2001–2014
  • Young Patron: $1,500 for Classes 2001–2014
  • Member:
    • $1,000 for Classes 2001–2005
    • $500 for Classes 2006–2010
    • $250 for Classes 2011–2014

For Fiscal Year 2014–2015, the minimum membership levels for the Class of 2015 were:

  • Dean’s Circle: $1,000
  • Member: $250

College Fund Gifts

Gifts to the Columbia College Fund include cash gifts, pledge payments and matching gifts and are designated for the immediate needs of the College.

Class Agents

The Class Agent Program is a peer-to-peer fundraising network. The Class Agents listed in the Alumni Donor Roll generously volunteered their time during Fiscal Year 2014–2015.

Life Members

The Life Members donor program was established in the 1990s and preceded the establishment of the College’s current John Jay Associates donor program.

3-2-1 Challenge

Seniors who accepted Dean James J. Valentini’s “3-2-1 Challenge” pledge in 2013 agreed to contribute $20.13 for three years, to encourage two friends to do the same and to have their gifts matched 1:1 by an alumnus/a.

1754 Society

The 1754 Society recognizes alumni, parents and friends who have made plans for the University through trust, estate or other future gifts.