Ambassadors are spokespeople for Columbia College and the Columbia College Alumni Association and play a vital role in advancing the College’s reputation by connecting alumni to one another and by supporting the needs of fellow alumni, students and others in the College community. Columbia College Women offers a mentoring program for female undergraduates and Center for Career Education volunteers help students with job preparation. Alumni Representative Committee members interview prospective students for the College and Engineering while Columbia College Today class correspondents write the Class Notes columns for their classes.

Columbia will always hold a very special place in my heart. If not for Columbia I never would have gotten my first job out of school at Goldman Sachs. That interview was set up by an alum and my resume was full of previous internships and part time jobs that I had gotten through Columbia connections. Personally, Columbia has also had a huge influence in my life. I met my husband in LitHum and now go to alumni events with him and my father who is also an alum. Alumni events aren't just about networking they become a family affair!

Zila Acosta-Grimes

Zila Acosta-Grimes ’11, LAW’15
Columbia College Young Alumni Board, President
Columbia College Women Board of Directors, Member