Columbia College Women Board of Directors 2014–2015

The Columbia College Women Board of Directors oversees CCW’s strategic and programmatic direction. Board members develop the overall strategic programming plan, attend board meetings, serve as committee chairs, promote and participate in events and support outreach and development.

Sherri Pancer Wolf ’90
Faculty Liasion
Virginia Cornish ’91
Board Members
Zila R. Acosta-Grimes ’11, LAW’15
Mary D. Baird ’10
Nairi C. Balian ’88, P: ’16
Kyra Tirana Barry ’87, P: ’17
Anne-Marie B. Brillantes ’89
Selby B. Drummond ’09
Kipling Hill ’10
Michelle E. Kaiser ’87, PH’92, PS’97
Stefanie F. Katz-Rothman ’88
Katie Kingsbery ’07
Sadia Latifi ’09
Elizabeth V. Robilotti ’99, PH’02, PH’03
Teresa M. Saputo-Crerend ’87, BUS’92
Claire M. Shanley ’92
Zahrah M. Taufique ’09, BUS’15, PS’15
Sharmila H. Tuttle ’96, SIPA’05
Suzanne L. Waltman ’87