The Columbia College Annual Report 2014–2015 celebrates Columbia College: our academics and research opportunities, our global offerings, our new entrepreneurship programs, our renowned Core Curriculum and the ways in which our current and former students are building connections and community.

In these pages, you’ll learn about our outstanding students, their innovative ideas, and the interests and passions that make them so exceptional; you’ll learn about our remarkable faculty members’ honors and achievements; you’ll learn about the generous donors and volunteers who make the Columbia College experience possible; and you'll learn about the College’s priorities and the milestones that we have celebrated during the past year.

As you reflect on the past year, I hope that you will be inspired to help us strengthen Columbia College for the future through Core to Commencement, our campaign to create what we believe is the greatest undergraduate experience and to continue to provide excellence in all that we do.

Roar, Lion(s), Roar,

James J. Valentini
Dean of Columbia College and
Vice President for Undergraduate Education

A Year at Columbia College

Expanding Our Core

Students engage with the Core in new and innovative ways

A Global College

College Walk extends from Broadway to Amsterdam, and around the world

Creating Community

The College builds new connections for students and alumni

Supporting Research

The College helps students pursue their academic passions

Encouraging Entrepreneurs

The College empowers students to develop their ideas

A Year of Accomplishments

126 honors for faculty members for outstanding scholarship and research

230 College students and recent alumni awarded fellowships

505 College students recognized for outstanding achievement

1,500+ College alumni interviewed prospective students

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A Year of Generous Support

Columbia Giving Day Donations

$3.08 million

more than 1,300 donors

Columbia College Fund

$18.25 million

more than 11,700 donors

Gifts to the College

$26.9 million

more than 15,000 donors


58 new endowments supporting students and faculty

Thank you to all who gave

A Year of Milestones