Supporting Research

Through more than 100 majors and concentrations as well as research opportunities throughout the University and beyond the classroom, Columbia College facilitates students’ pursuit of their academic passions. Students have access to faculty who are leaders in their fields; to classes at the University’s graduate and professional schools; to hundreds of research opportunities at Columbia's more than 200 affiliated centers and institutes; and to a range of fellowship opportunities that support research around the globe.

Finding Serenity Through Research

“Lamont is more than a research haven. It is my meditative retreat to unwind and reset, to think and to push my limits.” — Tianjia Liu ’17

Graffiti and Memory Games in South Korea

“I’ve taken thousands of pictures, but I can never come back and see Seoul’s walls as they are now.” — Brendan Donley ’15

155 students awarded Columbia-sponsored research fellowships

Undergraduates in the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures created a research journal, Portales: The LAIC Journal of Undergraduate Research, which seeks to foster interdisciplinary dialogue at the undergraduate level through the publishing of scholarly and creative work.

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Fishing for Science in Fiji

“I left with a better sense of the entanglement between the conservation of marine resources and socioeconomics.” — Elora López ’15

Poetic Exploration in England

“Getting to live in Oxford for the summer allowed me to ground everything I was learning and experiencing in tangible places.” — Luke Foster ’15