Expanding Our Core

For nearly a century, the Core Curriculum has helped shape Columbia College students into active citizens and deliberate thinkers who make a difference in their communities and the world. By providing new ways for students to engage with the Core, the College helps them synthesize course content and internalize values instilled through the Core, including character, integrity, honor and respect.

Studying Art Humanities in Paris

“After my Art Hum class in Paris concluded, I realized that one might consider Paris a work of art itself.” — Alexi Thomas ’16

The Spring 2015 semester was the first in which Art Humanities (left) and Music Humanities (right), courses required in the Core Curriculum, were offered to students studying abroad in Paris. In Summer 2015, Art Hum and Music Hum were offered as a single program in Paris for the first time.

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More than 1,500 students visited a museum with a Core instructor

The Aeneid: A Musical Retelling

“I wound up pushing myself to figure out what The Aeneid means to me far more than I would have if I had written the paper.”  Paul Bloom ’17

Pearl of the Pacific: Seven Days in the Marshall Islands

“For the project, we were united in our interest in nuclear issues, an interest that grew in part from our experiences in Frontiers of Science.”  Asha Banerjee ’17