Parents are a vital part of the Columbia College community. They raise financial support for the College and promote the growth of an active and engaged parent community.

Parent Leadership Council 2014–2015

Parent Leadership Council members engage in activities that foster community and grow parent philanthropy at the College. They welcome the families of incoming students, provide internships, serve as ambassadors and support the College’s financial aid program.

Gamal Abdelaziz and Amal Felaya P: ’17
Marc O. Agger and Francesca M. Connolly P: ’18
Rula L. and Omar M. Asali BUS’01, P: ’18
Rana M. Baladi and Albert Baladi Moanack P: ’18
Gregory S. and Nairi C. Balian ’88, P: ’16
Ann Marie P. and Michael J. Barone P: ’17
Sylvie K. Bienvenu-Richards and James T. Richards P: ’18
Mary A. Blodgett and Carlton F. Calvin P: ’17
Jonathan D. Bram ’87, P:’14, P:’17 and Susan S. Bram TC’87, P:’14, P:’17
Mara L. and Joseph C. Carieri P: ’15
Hyoshin and Paul S. Chang P: ’17
Yi-Jun Chen and Jiong-Ming Hu P: ’18
Lynn L. Chen-Zhang and Charles C. Zhang P: ’18
Constance Chiang and S. Steven Pan BUS’88, P: ’18
Kyoo Wan Cho and Sook Hyun Han P: ’18
Audra D. and Eric L. Cohen P: ’18
Margaret A. Conklin and David G. Sabel ’72, P: ’13, ’16
Brian P. Cooper and Margueritte S. Murphy P: ’15
Qingfeng Cui and Jun Guo Gao P: ’16
Ellen S. and Gary S. Davis BUS’80, LAW’80, P: ’15
Jenna and Emmanuel de Buretel P: ’18
Chantal L. DeFay and James M. Sheridan P: ’15
Zhi Dou and Chunxian Wei P: ’16
Alisa Drijanski and Emilio Romano P: ’18
Supanavit and Kaveepan Eiamsakulrat P: ’17, SEAS’18
Phyllis M. and Hamen S. Fan P: ’13, BUS’15
Suning and Fenglei Fang P: ’04
Francisco Fernandez De Ybarra and Raquel Lucan P: ’18
Maria and Lee N. Friedlander P: ’82
Marco F. Ghisolfi BUS’88, P: ’18
Alexandra H. and Charles E. Gottdiener P: ’17
Annette M. Grant BC’83, P: ’12, ’17, ’18 and Geoffrey T. Grant SEAS’82, P: ’12, ’17, ’18
Nicole and David Gruenstein ’77, P: ’18
Janice and Gang C. Gu SEAS’86, P: ’18
Jingli Han and Guiling Shi P: ’17
Joan B. and Douglas B. Hansen P: ’18
George F. and Debra S. Heinrich TC’84, P: ’13, ’16
Elizabeth and Richard Hoffman P: ’14
Margarita Inserni P: ’16
Sucheta A. and Anantha N. Kamath P: ’17
Jeffrey L. Kateman ’89, LAW’92, P: ’19 and Nam Y. Kim LAW’92, P: ’19
Prairna K. and Kamal A. Kewlani P: ’18
Delia M. and Bijan Khosrowshahi P: ’16, ’18
Chong Kim and Woosung Yun DM’95, DM’96, DM’98, P: ’17
Ji Yun Kim and Vincent Won Yoon SEAS’86, P: ’19
Kevin N. King and Meridee A. Moore P: ’13
Mary E. and Adam W. Kirsch P: ’17
Mary Koo and Frederick L. Lui P: ’15
Ann Y. and Kenneth C.P. Kung P: ’11, ’19
Ina P. and Mark R. Kupferberg P: ’18
Lakshmi M. and Gokul Laroia P: ’18
Emmanuelle V. and Hugues B. Lepic P: ’17
Lijun Li and Fenghua Wei P: ’18
Chun Liu and Wenjun Qiao P: ’18
Judith S. and David S. Lobel P: ’14
Karen A. Mahoney ’88, P: ’18 and Dennis T. Mahoney SEAS’88, P: ’18
Tamasz Manasherov and Iveta Manasherova P: ’18
Jo A. and Kenneth A. Merlau P: ’16
Lydia and Jerry Moon P: ’17
Georgia and Nicholas C. Nanopoulos P: ’16
Lori D. and Christopher M. Nawn P: ’16
Ann and Francis Neczypor P: ’08
Suzanne B. and Robert E. Nederlander Jr. P: ’18
Maha A. and Sharif Omar P: ’16
Antje and PeterPaul Pardi P: ’18
Regina Pitchon and Henry Udow P: ’14, ’18
Gabriele Quandt P: ’12
Michelle J. Rivera ’88, P: ’18 and Francis J. Kosarek PS’90, P: ’18
Lucila Robert and Alejandro Vollbrechthausen P: ’16
Maria A. Rodino ’88, P:’18 and Michael Argenziano ’88, PS’92, P:’18
Jean M. and Mark J. Rodrigues P: ’16
Emmanuel and Barrie S. Roman GSAS’84, SEAS’88, P: ’18
Steven A. Rosenblum and Monique A. Witt P: ’16
William B. and Ann K. Sacher BC’85, P: ’16
Kathryn and William D. Schultea P: ’15
Janet B. Serle and Ira B. Malin ’75, P: ’11, ’18
Eun A. Shin and Ki Ho Lee SEAS’90, P: ’16, SEAS’15
Elizabeth S. and Stephen I. Silverman P: ’10
Kathie P. Simmons BC’73, P: ’12, ’19
Star Soltan P: ’17
Maureen F. and Thomas D. Steiner P: ’17
Christine I. and Michel L. Suignard P: ’18
Brigitte P. and Klaus Tanner P: ’17
Parul and Bimal Thakkar P: ’17
Denise E. and Dean N. Vanech P: ’14
Yu Qiao Wei and Yong An Xu P: ’17
Dominic K. Ng and Ellen Wong-Ng P: ’17
Sioe Lie Wong and Philip P. Wang ’70, P: ’18
Yuyan Yang and Yong Zhang P: ’18
Julie and Alexander Zaks P: ’17, ’19