Leadership Pledges

Leadership pledges enable Columbia College to make plans and to allocate funds to critical priorities. We are pleased to recognize the generosity of donors who made a new pledge of $50,000 or more in Fiscal Year 2014–2015.

$5,000,000 and more
Avery B. and Andrew F. Barth ’83, BUS’85, P: ’16
Christine T. and James H. Berick ’55, P: ’84, ’92, LAW’97, SOA’85
Steffi M. and Robert Berne ’60, BUS’62
William V. Campbell ’62, TC’64, P: ’04, ’13, SIPA’08
Mary Kathryn Norman and Alexander Navab ’87
Dorothea J. and Sheldon A. Buckler GSAS’54
Ronnie D. Planalp BUS’86
Stephen S. Trevor ’86
Sally and Donald Anderson
Pete L. and Devon F. Briger BUS’99
Lisa L. Carnoy ’89 and David A. Carnoy SOA’92
Lynn L. Chen-Zhang and Charles C. Zhang P: ’17
Kathy Chiao-Hao and Kenneth Hao
Constantine M. Dakolias SEAS’89
Lemann Foundation
Doris Pfeffer SW’53
Kum-Sook and Kyung-Sun Yu P: ’09, ’13
Jennifer and Michael I. Barry ’89
John G. and Carol T. Finley BC’83, LAW’86, BUS’89
Gail J. Hupper LAW’85 and William H. Wood BUS’82
Ellen Rosand W: ’59, GSAS’65, P: ’88, LAW’94, PS’94
Jay N. Woodworth ’65, BUS’67
Roberta T. and Michael L. Cook ’65
Pravin U. Dugel ’84
Deborah D. Dupire-Nelson SIPA’79, P: ’17 and Robert L. Nelson Jr. LAW’79, SIPA’79, P: ’17
Sucheta A. and Anantha N. Kamath P: ’17
Judith S. and David S. Lobel P: ’14
Nina C. and Ivan Selin
Anne and Kenneth M. Stuzin ’86, BUS’93, P: ’19
Margaret Sung and Michael J. Schmidtberger ’82, LAW’85
Paul N. Adkins ’84
Greg Boester and Marian F. Wright ’90
Craig L. Chodash ’90
Emil W. Chynn PS’92
M. Noelle and Kuo Y. Chynn
Maria C. and Kenneth D. Cole P: ’10
Walter L. Day
Judith D. and Michael M. Goldberg BUS’85, P: ’14
Janice and Gang C. Gu SEAS’86, P: ’18
George F. and Debra S. Heinrich TC’84, P: ’13, ’16
Ulrika Holm and Kenneth B. Chapman ’97
Nobuhisa Ishizuka ’82, LAW’86 and Marcia T. Ishizuka GSAPP’86
Mitchell R. Julis
Samuel L. Katz ’86 and Vicki E. Katz SW’93
Lu Li ’96, BUS’96, LAW’96
Sami W. Mnaymneh ’81, P: ’12, ’14, ’17 and Hala S. Mnaymneh BC’82, SIPA’86, P: ’12, ’14, ’17
Jonathan Mothner and Eve A. Konstan LAW’92
Albert J. Mrozik Jr. ’75
Anju and Sanjiv Ahuja SEAS’79, SEAS’09
Abdel M. Al-Qattan
Laurance J. Guido ’65, PS’69, NI’71, P: ’00, SIPA’01
Padmavathy and Ravindra N. Guthikonda GSAS’71
Sang H. Lee and So Young Chang BUS’02
Charles D. Mayer ’65
Michael E. Newell ’65, PS’69
Eunice and John C. Rim SEAS’82
Matthew N. Rothfleisch ’97 and Allison Rothfleisch BC’98
Daphna and Pejman Salimpour
Mariah J. and Frank P. Seminara ’89
Herman J. Sifontes Tovar
Marissa and Jonathan D. Tunis LAW’01
Nancy J. Walker and Stephen Jacobs ’75