Malin-Serle Family Scholarship

Malin and scholarship recipients

Ira Brett Malin ’75, P: ’11, ’17 (left); recipients Lorenzo Gibson ’16 (top right) and Dakota Ross-Cabrera ’16 (lower right). Photos: Courtesy individuals pictured

“I truly cannot express how integral this support is towards my educational career. I have been a nanny for four years in the city, and this contribution allows me to focus more on my education and career, without monetary constraints. I chose Columbia College because I believe it has the best holistic educational experience. I love the Core, and am truly grateful that I will graduate from this institution with tens of books and philosophers’ musings up my sleeve. Columbia truly leaves no stone unturned. To be a part of such a motivated, intellectual community has been a blessing.”

– Dakota Ross-Cabrera ’16, recipient of the Malin-Serle Family Scholarship

“At Columbia, I pursued my academic passions, made lifelong friends, and through student activities gained invaluable leadership experience. None of this would have been possible without the financial aid I received, funded through the generosity of alumni. Our Malin Serle Family Scholarship continues the alumni tradition of giving back to the College. Each year, meeting our Scholarship recipients makes us even more excited to be helping Columbia to educate the next generation of society’s leaders. Roar, Lions Roar!”

– Ira Brett Malin ’75, P: ’11, ’17, Malin-Serle Family Scholarship

“I speak on behalf of my family when I say that our gratitude to Mr. Malin for his contribution to my education cannot be understated. As the first person in my family to attend college, I have sought to make the most of my short tenure as a Columbia undergraduate. I am happy to say that I am currently pursuing a major in American Studies and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. In addition to being leaders in their respective fields, I find the faculty affiliated with the American Studies department to be very accessible and encouraging.”

– Lorenzo Gibson ’16, recipient of the Malin-Serle Family Scholarship