University Writing for International Students

Course Description

University Writing seeks to facilitate students' entry into the intellectual life of the university by helping you to become more capable and independent academic readers and writers. Emphasizing critical analysis, revision, collaboration, and research, this course teaches specific skills and fosters general habits of mind important to your academic success.

This section of the course is open only to international students and will emphasize making the successful transition to American academic writing cultures. In the process, you will examine cultural conventions underpinning your own arguments and others'. Over the course of the semester, you will read and discuss texts from a number of fields, complete regular informal reading and writing exercises, write several longer essays, and undertake a research-based project of your own design.

These classes will have section numbers in the range of CC/GS1010.900 to CC/GS1010.999.

Each semester approximately 2-3 sections are offered in the College/SEAS and 2-3 in General Studies.