AitN: January 7, 2020

Sculptor and artist Rachel Feinstein ’93 was profiled in The New York Times on January 2 to highlight the debut of “Maiden, Mother, Crone,” her exhibition at The Jewish Museum. The Q&A delves into her art style and her inspirations. “I’ve always been fascinated by women who are loudmouthed, who have something to say, and how that’s been a problem in history,” she says.

Douglas Letter ’75, the lead attorney for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was profiled in The Washington Post on December 25. From the article: “After a 40-year career at the Justice Department, defending policies of presidential administrations from both parties, Letter now speaks for the speaker in courtrooms throughout the country while advising House leaders on impeachment. … Letter is slated to represent the House at the Supreme Court, which will review two rare separation-of-powers cases over disclosure of Trump’s tax and financial records in March.”

30 Under 30

Eight College grads made the Forbes30 Under 30” list for 2020: Ben Edelstein ’16 (co-founder of LogRocket) in the Enterprise Technology category; Ian Hillman ’13 (VP of strategy, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment) in the Sports category; Nicole LaPointe Jameson ’16 (CEO of Evil Geniuses) in the Games category; Amanda Matos ’13 (director of constituency campaigns, Planned Parenthood Action Fund) in the Law & Policy category; Mia Park ’15 (fashion designer of the Sundae School label) in the Art & Style and Immigrants categories; Zachariah Reitano ’13 (co-founder of RO) in the Healthcare and Big Money categories; Ashley Thompson ’11 (co-founder of MUSH) in the Food & Drink category; and Kevin Zhang ’14 (principal, Bain Capital Ventures) in the Venture Capital category.