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Class of 1981

Kevin Fay
8300 Private Lane
Annandale, Va. 22003

There are several ways to become a member of the Columbia College community. One is to actually attend the College, sit through at least 124 credit hours, and four years later (or less if you're particularly bright) graduate with a degree. Another way is to marry a Columbian, which prior to 1984 was the only way for a woman (why she would want to, now that's a mystery). You could receive an honorary degree, I guess, but it's not a path one can depend upon. Finally, I think the nicest way is to be born into it.

Which leads me to announce the birth of Joseph Facciano Diller, the son of Bradley R. Diller and Pauline R. Facciano (UC Berkeley). Bradley, his wife and son reside in San Francisco, one of the country's greatest cities. I'm sure Bradley and Pauline are extraordinarily proud of their son, and are right now debating Berkeley vs. Columbia (which debate is most likely the product of sleep deprivation). Didn't we play them in football about a million years ago, or am I confusing them with Stanford? In any event, we wish them the best with Joseph and wish them every happiness.

It was a quiet summer in Washington, D.C., a little hotter and drier than normal. Hope to hear from more of you in the fall.

Class of 1982

Robert W. Passloff
154 High Street
Taunton, Mass. 02780

Thanks for the e-mails! I look forward to hearing from more of you in the future.

Larry Braverman is v.p. and general counsel of Hyperion Solutions Corp., a software company headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. Although he spends time in the Tristate area at another division of the company, Larry is renovating his new house in Noe Valley, San Francisco. He has now learned "more about seismic retrofitting than I really want to know." Apparently, classmate Jonathan Fox lives across the street with his wife, Nikki, and their daughter.

Dino Carlaftes has been living in Los Angeles since 1994 with his wife, Dolores, an actress and writer. He just joined Metropolitan Talent Agency, where he represents television and feature writer-producers and directors as well as novelists. His clients have written for shows like Mad About You and Diagnosis Murder and directed episodes of The Practice and L.A. Doctors, among other shows. Dino practiced law in New York for nine years prior to his move out West.

Arie Michelsohn and his wife, Adina, have been married for almost 12 years and have four children: Zachary (10), David (8), Jonathan (6) and Eliana (2). "Yes, finally a girl." Arie is returning to Finnegan, Henderson in D.C. as an associate, practicing trial and appellate patent litigation. Andrew Cytroen and Anda Ansons Cytroen B'83 are delighted to report the birth of their third son, Jacob Daniel Cytroen, born January 16, 1999.

Andrew Sumereau was recently promoted to director of operations at Nassau Broadcasting, which operates 21 Radio Stations in N.Y., N.J. and Pa. Deepak Awasthi has been promoted to associate professor of neurosurgery (tenured) at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and the director of neurotrauma at the Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans. Charles Shugart and his wife, Shannon, have a third son, Zachary Daniel, and an active house. Their architecture practice is growing rapidly and accumulating local AIA awards in a booming Seattle economy. Louis Orfanella and his wife, Marie, welcomed their second child, Marygrace Faith, in January 1998. Lou would like to hear from the "12 Jay Procrastinators." Somehow we missed their group shot in the yearbook!

Class of 1983

Andrew Botti
97 Spring Street, B1
West Roxbury, Mass. 02132

Class of 1984

Jim Wangsness
341 Morris Avenue
Mountain Lakes, N.J. 07046

Class of 1985

Kevin G. Kelly
5005 Collins Ave. #1405
Miami Beach, Fla. 33140

David Zapolsky, in the wake of his former law firm's demise, has become a litigation partner in the Seattle office of Dorsey & Whitney. He has lived in Seattle with his wife, Lindsay Brown, and their son, Ian, for five years. David is considering leaving law altogether to become a full-time tee-ball coach.

Andrew W. Hayes has been a partner at Boies & Schiller in New York since 1997.

Brian S. Cousin and his wife Barbara recently had their second child, Eli Steven. Their first boy, Sam, just turned three. Brian continues as a partner in the New York and New Jersey offices of Vedder, Price, Kaufman, & Kammholz, where he specializes in commercial litigation and employment law.

Luis M. Miniet has joined a start-up management consulting firm at their Wall Street office. The firm, Capital Markets Company, provides strategic, operational and IT advice and counseling to firms doing business in capital markets around the world. Luis is the director of budgeting and planning; his e-mail address is

Thomas Vinciguerra recently had an article entitled "Campus Protesting Made Easy" published in The New York Times. The article, decidedly tongue-in-cheek, provides advice to campus activists and administrators alike on behavioral guidelines for protests and demonstrations.

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