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Class of 1991

Robert Hardt Jr.
77 West 15th Street, Apt. 1C
New York, N.Y. 10011

Class of 1992

Jeremy Feinberg
211 W. 56th St., Apt. 4M
New York, N.Y. 10019

I hope this column finds you all in good health and good spirits. I write with less news than last time, and with the request, once again, that if you have the chance, please write-I'd love to hear from you.

Dara Goldman is currently completing her Ph.D. in Spanish at Emory University. She expects to formally graduate in January 2000. In the meantime, she accepted a position as assistant professor of Spanish at the University of Illinois, specializing in the areas of nineteenth and twentieth century Latin American and Caribbean literatures.

Amy Smoyer is now living in Tallahassee, Fla. with her husband, Jamie Mulleiro, and 2-year-old daughter Edie. She is attending Florida State University and pursuing a masters degree in social work and public policy.

Congratulations to Song Seunghae Lee, who was recently named a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries-the highest professional recognition an actuary can receive in the U.S. or Canada. Lee, a consultant for Tillinghast-Towers Perrin in New York, had previously earned her MBA in actuarial science from the College of Insurance in 1995.

Aside from the mailbag, I had the opportunity to see both John Vagelatos and Erin Zyko this summer at an East Hampton house we all shared. John and Erin both continue their legal careers: John at Hughes Hubbard & Reed, Erin at Shearman & Sterling.

Jill Finger updated me not only on her own goings on, but those of several classmates. Jill lives in Prague now, having moved overseas in February to work as a telecommunications market analyst focusing on Eastern Europe for International Data Corporation. Jill describes it as a pretty good job, which allows her to travel to cosmopolitan world capitals like Bratislava and eat pig's knees with beer.

According to Jill, Vanessa Yolles is working as a lawyer in Toronto; Natasha Ruiz-Gomez is in her second year of an art history Ph.D. at Penn; Jon Henick is in D.C. continuing his work in foreign service; and Eric Guth is working for a real estate company in Moscow, where he's been since graduation. Look forward to hearing more from and about you in advance of the next issue. Till then, be well. And-only 2 1/2 years til our 10th reunion. Pretty scary, eh?

Class of 1993

Elena Cabral
Columbia College Today
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 917
New York, N.Y. 10115

I recently heard from Grissel Seijo, who has been at Columbia's Double Discovery Center for six years. Grissel was recently promoted to outreach coordinator after finishing two masters degrees, including one in psychological counseling, at Teachers College. One of her priorities these days is tracking down student and staff alums of DDC to celebrate the center's 35th anniversary on May 25, 2000. If you didn't make it to reunion here's your chance to remember a meaningful part of your college experience.

Meghan Connolly married Rob Calichman in Boston in March 1998. Among those who were members of the wedding party were Bob Rosenberg, Dave Lennon, Ned Kirk '92, Mike Concannon '93E, and Matt Pecci '93E. Meghan wrote that Bob recently moved to Turkey where he is working as a teacher, and Dave is still working on his doctorate at Cornell Medical School in New York City. Ned just married in Rye, N.Y., on July 24. Meghan also reported that Andrew Blitz '94 recently landed a job writing for Conan O'Brien. Meghan and Rob bought a home in New Jersey and just had a baby boy, Logan John, on August 12. Rob is a consultant at PriceWaterhouseCooper in N.Y.C. and Meghan is an information technology manager at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Matthew Swyers is practicing law in Washington D.C. and preparing for his first marathon. Chloe Piene is launching her book, Lovelady, Texas. The book is a compilation of letters between her and a Texas prisoner serving a 99-year sentence for murder. Talk about an interesting conversation. The book launch will precede her first New York solo show of video work at the Marrianne Boesky gallery in Soho. Chloe shares an interest in video with fellow artist Rachel Feinstein. "You could say that Rachel and I had our first show at Columbia, at Prentis Hall,'' Chloe wrote. "It was called 'Bloodslip and Beefwhip.'"

As for me, here in a nutshell is what I've been doing. In May, I finished J-school at Columbia and left the Ford Foundation. I got engaged to a wonderful man, spent a summer at Newsday and then moved with my fiancé to Miami, where I'm enjoying a new job at The Herald, though still getting used to life with no more rush-hour adventures on the IRT.

The beaches in the "sixth borough" are amazing, though like so many of you who leave the Upper West Side, I do sometimes miss a few of the old creature comforts, and fall most of all.

Class of 1994

Leyla Kokmen
1650 S. Emerson St.
Denver, Colo. 80210

It's fall premiere week at the time I'm writing this, and guess what? I've seen ads for two shows starring our '94 classmates. Jean Louisa Kelly stars as a woman seeking love and fulfillment in Seattle on NBC's Cold Feet, and Amanda Peet plays a woman seeking love and fulfillment in New York in Jack and Jill on the WB network.

Beyond the new TV lineup, fall seems to be bringing some change for at least a few of our classmates. Kay Bailey tells me that she's quit her job working at an international development firm in Washington, D. C., and that she's studying to take the LSATs in the fall. She plans on attending law school and possibly moving back to Texas.

Having graduated from Harvard Business school, Matt Spielman planned to move to Los Angeles mid-summer to begin work at Virtualis Systems, a three-year-old Internet company. Matt encourages '94 classmates to write to him at

Tamara Cochran Takoudes '92 writes that her sister and our classmate, Tania Cochran, is in the midst of getting her MBA at Columbia while working for Weiss Peck and Greer in New York. The firm recently awarded Tania the 1999 "Humanitarian of the Year" award for her work with both the elderly and with animals. Tania also got engaged to John Secor, whom she has been dating for more than four years.

Brian Presti and Alicia Ann Duffield were married last May in Kennebunkport, Maine. Jen Brodie and Athena Bendo '97, attended the wedding. Brian and Alicia are living and working in New Hampshire.

That's it for this short-and-sweet installment of class notes. Take care and keep the info coming!

Class of 1995

Janet Frankston
1326 Weathervane Lane, Apt. 3A
Akron, Ohio 44131

In case you haven't noticed, the Alumni Office is putting more issues out every year. So if you've never written in before, please don't be shy.

Yes, that's Laura Margolis in a Volkswagen commercial as the driver who uses anti-lock brakes. Laura, a fellow Chicagoan, has also been in television commercials for Dasani and several radio commercials for Bud Ice and Bud Light. She's now in Los Angeles with the man she met our freshman year, fiancé Brian Frank. They're finally engaged and plan to marry in 2000. Brian got his MBA in May from Columbia and will be doing new business development for Ticketmaster Online.

On to more weddings. I attended the wedding of Kim Benson, my roommate one summer in Rome, over the fourth of July weekend in Stowe, Vt. Kim, a wonderful teacher of high school English, married Charles Baraw, who is finishing his Ph.D. in English at Yale. It was a great wedding. Many of the guests even hiked up Mount Mansfield, the highest mountain in Vermont. Now I remember why I haven't been hiking since COOP! They even gave out maple syrup containers with "Kim and Charles." Classmates in attendance included Mark Kravitz, Julia Caldwell, Alison Fogg, Carmelle Elie, M.D., and Suzanne Dieter, who served as a bridesmaid.

Kim also attended the wedding of Melissa Chipman this summer in Mystic, Conn. Melissa married Blake Sanders in July; they now live in New Orleans. Also in attendance was Noah Tepperman, who is studying in Israel, and Charles Rhyee '96.

Here are more details about the wedding of Ben Cramer and Naoko Hokari, as told by Eugene Mazo, a guest. He reports that seven members of our class made the long trip to Tokyo in May: Naseema Asif, Ann Etim '96, Rajen Parekh, Elissa Swift, Jocelyn Liang, and Reina Maruyama '95E. Gene also writes that Ben is getting his Ph.D. in geology at Rutgers, while Naoko finished Mt. Sinai Medical School last spring and is now in her pediatric residency at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Jersey. Gene didn't mention what he's doing.

In addition, Joel Linton married Judy Lin in July. Joel was accepted to China Ministries International as a missionary to Taiwan. After fundraising, he'll be headed to Taiwan next year for several years of intensive study in Taiwanese and Mandarin. The couple will be stationed in Taiwan to help start Christian churches there as full-time missionaries. Joel also reports that he finished a masters in biology at N.Y.U.

Colleen Shaw, a business school student at Kellogg, has more wedding news. Hilary Lerner married David Gershman last May at Hilary's home in Hollis, N.H. Colleen was a bridesmaid, along with Denise Conanan and Lea Geller (Rapaport). Hillary and her husband are living in New York.

And finally, some updates that don't include weddings. Ariana Cha is leaving sunny California and the San Jose Mercury News to cover biotech for The Washington Post. Jessica Zimmerman is studying to be a rabbi. She spent the high holidays as a guest rabbi in Juneau, Alaska.

William Cann writes that he moved to Olympia, Wash., to start his family practice residency. "If anyone who knew me at school is in the area, look me up. I'm in the book!" He lives on Legion Way Southeast.

Steve Miller is "alive and well in Maine." That's Londen, Maine. If you're the other Steve Miller, write in and tell us what you're doing, too.

Tova Mirvis has a new baby and a new book. Eitan came six months ago and W.W. Norton is publishing her novel, The Ladies Auxiliary. It's about the Jewish community in Memphis, Tenn., where Tova grew up. It will also be published in England, Holland and Germany in the spring.

Please keep the news coming.

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