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Class of 1996

Ana S. Salper
641 Vermont Avenue
Erie, Pa. 16505

Happy fall everyone! Is everyone as tired of the millennium hype as I am? At the risk of disappointing you millennium buffs out there, I am dispensing with any references to how this is the last issue of CCT of the millennium, or how exciting it is to witness the dawn of a new century, and will instead simply provide you with the class news.

After three years of working at Miss Porter's School in Connecticut, Uchenna Acholonu is now a first-year med student at State University of New York-Health Science Center in Syracuse. While at Miss Porter's, Uchenna taught computer science, coached lacrosse and volleyball and covered a dorm. He loved teaching at Miss Porter's, but since medicine has always been his first choice, he is more than happy to be attending medical school now.

Mirella Cheeseman has a new job working with a producer at Jonathan Demme's production company, Clinica Estetico, and is enjoying it immensely. Marcel Agueros has left Cambridge and is now off to France to do his military service before heading to Stanford for a Ph.D. in astronomy. Mike Kadish is at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Alisa Tang is working at The New York Times and looking to stay in journalism. Jodi Kantor is still at Slate magazine in Washington, D. C., where she was recently made editor.

Julie Satow, a budding journalist, is attending SIPA and working at The Newark Star-Ledger. She reports that Jen Sullivan has left Lehman Brothers to get her MBA at Columbia Business School. Biella Coleman, who is still at the University of Chicago getting her Ph.D. in anthropology, has left for Guyana to do field work for the year. Charlie Gaul is working at the corporate offices of the Pottery Barn in San Francisco and living in Cole Valley. Marc Menendez has left New York and moved to Chicago. He is president/CEO of Medcareonline, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of MedCare Technologies, Inc. Medcareonline is an Internet Healthcare Portal servicing the healthcare industry. Marc moved to the Chicago area after stints with SMG Marketing Group, Inc. and Forest Laboratories.

Gen Connors, who has spent the past year working in London for a boutique strategy consultancy group, has decided that after three years in England, it is time to Sri Lanka. She is interested in getting a job in urban development in Colombo. After her time in Sri Lanka, Gen will likely go back to school to get her Ph.D. Those of you who remember Gen from ultimate frisbee should be especially interested to hear that Gen started playing ultimate again this year in England. Her team, Bliss, finished fifth out of 25 women's teams at Worlds this August in Scotland. Well done, Gen!

Tara Rust is currently living in New York and applying to medical school. Kay Park is at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMD-NJ), in the midst of applying for a residency. Punkaj Kumar Bhandari is also at UMD-NJ. Greg Ford is living and working in Berkeley, Calif., as a researcher in the development office at the University of California, a job he took in June. He has also been working on a novel, now in its second draft.

There was a recent article in The New York Times about Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur, announcing her wedding to Woody Fleurizard at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York. Saleemah is a program associate at the Victoria Foundation, a charitable organization in Montclair, New Jersey. Gregory Peck (great name!) is living in New York working for NorthStar Capital Investment Corp., a real estate private equity firm. Gregory has spent much of his time this past year occupied with the acquisition and development of two hotels in New York: the St. Moritz and the Henry Hudson.

As for me, I'm finally out of school and am clerking for a federal circuit court judge in Pennsylvania. The real world isn't so bad after least not yet. The flow of news from all of you is still sparse, so I urge you, as always, to send me more info about your lives. I close with the wise words of one of my favorite Columbia TAs: A narrow mind is always the harbinger of potential destruction. A little food for thought for you all.

Class of 1997

Michele Laudig
906 East John Street #604
Seattle, Wash. 98102

The phrase "no news is good news" doesn't seem to apply to our class. What happened to the e-mails and letters? I'll let you guys off the hook this time, but don't forget that the next column will be for the first Y2K issue!

Ryan Ornellas is doing actuarial consulting in the management consulting division of PriceWaterhouseCoopers in San Francisco.

Kate Hurowitz is living in N.Y.C. and enjoying her job at the Museum of Natural History.

Class of 1998

Sandra P. Angulo
Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway, 30th floor
New York, N.Y. 10019

Unfortunately, there's not too much to report this issue. However, I have news from the first bonafide entrepreneur of the class, David Ryan Bayer. David is president and CEO of, an e-commerce destination for high school and college students. Based in N.Y.C., PopWall provides an Internet shopping and networking community for teens and twentysomethings. I've checked it out, and although I no longer need a lava lamp or a Led Zeppelin poster, it's a perfect site for those of you who have younger siblings or want to decorate your grad-school dorms in undergraduate chic.

Anthony Vassallo wrote in to say that his college roommate Seth Furgeson finished his first year of med school at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and is now at New Jersey Medical School in Newark. Congrats to all of you who are now in your second year of med/law/grad school. That's it for now. I wish everyone a happy and healthy Holiday and New Year.

Class of 1999

Charles S. Leykum
41 River Terrace
Apt. #3404
New York, N.Y. 10282

As fall quickly approaches, it feels strange that we're not frantically thumbing through pencil books in search of classes to fill up our schedules. Most of us have already launched into our new jobs, grad school programs, and life after college plans. So there is a lot to report!

Joining fellow Columbians at SCA Consulting (an international management consulting firm), Andy Park is managing his working schedule while exploring his interests in screenwriting and filmmaking. Michelle Berger is working for a manager of performing artists in the New York City area and auditioning in her spare time.

Living only a few blocks away from Michelle in Murray Hill, Rachel Jackson has also been auditioning around New York City and is working as a personal assistant for a sports agent, who manages Mia Hamm and other members of the World Cup champion women's soccer team.

Classmates residing in the Morningside Heights area and attending the Law School include Lauren Rosenberg, Amir Weinberg and Terence Woolf. Further uptown at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Juliana Sanchez is conducting research and assisting doctors within the transplant group of the hospital's cardiothoracic lab. Departing from the Morningside Heights area, Sara Steindel is living on the Upper West Side and working at Roper Starch Worldwide, a market research company in the global diabetes program.

Within the world of broadcasting, Eleisa Hricko started work for Fox News in the company's New York City office. Both Rachel Ruderman and Julie Cho are working at Home Box Office in Manhattan. Jennifer Maxfield is attending the Journalism School and Chloe Friedman is studying broadcast journalism at Northwestern University.

In Washington, D .C., Sahil Godiwala is attending Georgetown Law School. Sahil is sharing an apartment with Nilam Sanghvi, a fellow Georgetown law student, and Alexandra Williamson. Off to Philadelphia, Nicole Macellari is attending the University of Pennsylvania Law School. David Karp is attending law school at Cardozo University. And joining fellow Columbians Jeremy Sheff and Allison Margolin in Cambridge, Jerry Wang is studying at Harvard's Law School.

Jennifer Tse '99E, who is working as an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs, has updated me on a number of other classmates. She has informed me that David Chang just started work for Merck, Dorothy Hwang is working for Chase, Edward Kiang is beginning JP Morgan's investment management program, and Takamasa Minami '99E is working for Goldman Sachs in Japan. Classmates joining the world of consulting include Selina Lam '99E, who is working for Andersen Consulting, Megumi Shibata, who is working for AT Kearney, and Jason Wah, who is working for PriceWaterhouseCooper.

As part of the Peace Corps, Anat Shenker is going on a two-year project to the northeast coast of Honduras. There she will be overseeing the conservation efforts of coastal villages destroyed in last year's Hurricane Mitch. She also will be conducting an education project with village children to get them involved in conservation and farming for sustainable growth.

Finally, after speaking with some members of our class, we thought we should organize a '99 evening in New York City over the course of the next few months. If you have any ideas or thoughts, please e-mail me in the next few weeks; otherwise, look out for more information via e-mail. As always, if you have a moment, please contact me either by phone or via e-mail to inform me of your whereabouts. Hope to hear from y'all soon!

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