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He Shoots, He Scores!..Again
By Lisa Kitayama

Leonard Koppett '44

Originally published in 1968, 24 Seconds to Shoot: The Birth and Improbable Rise of the NBA by Leonard Koppett '44 is enjoying a well-deserved rebound. Total Sports Publishing has reissued Koppett's book as a paperback, with a new preface by the author. "I'm just delighted," said Koppett of the 1999 reissue.

Before the 1980s, professional basketball was a struggling enterprise of limited appeal - a far cry from the popular sports heavyweight that it is today. Koppett's experience covering basketball since 1949, first for The New York Herald Tribune and the New York Post and later for The New York Times, turned him into a basketball expert "because of sheer exposure," he said. When the time came for a history of the fledgling National Basketball Association, Macmillan editor Bob Markel picked Koppett for the job. 24 Seconds to Shoot remains the classic account of the progression of the Basketball Association of America into the NBA.

"Thirty years ago, I thought that no one would want to read it, but my editor went ahead and told me to write it," said Koppett. Now, with the NBA thriving, the reissue of Koppett's highly readable history should reach a whole new audience.

Koppett, the only writer to be named to both the baseball and basketball halls of fame, has authored several other books, including Koppett's Concise History of Major League Baseball (1998) and The Man in the Dugout: Baseball's Top Managers and How They Got That Way (1993); he is currently working on two projects with tentative release dates in 2001. 24 Seconds to Shoot sells for $12.95.

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