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Teaching Students With Disabilities

Columbia is committed to ensuring that all members of our academic community have the opportunity to participate and to benefit from the academic programs, the co-curricular activities, and the services offered by the University.

These pages provide a brief overview of responsibilities, policies, and resources regarding teaching students with disabilities. They have been published as a result of the work of an ad-hoc faculty committee concerned with ensuring that instructors have the resources they need to enure an inclusive intellectual community. The members of this committee are:

Professor Rachel Adams, Department of English (Chair)
Professor Karen Fairbanks, Department of Architecture
Professor Elizabeth Leake, Department of Italian
Professor Andy Nathan, Department of Political Science

Colleen Lewis, Director, Disability Services

Lisa Hollibaugh, Dean of Academic Planning and Administration, Columbia College
Andrew Plaa, Dean of Advising for Columbia College and Columbia Engineering
Victoria Rosner, Dean of Academic Affairs, School of General Studies
Andrea Solomon, Vice Dean and Dean of Academic Affairs, School of Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

The committee welcomes inquiries and suggestions: please contact Lisa Hollibaugh at 212-853-1279 and