Managing Course Enrollments

A student has asked to be allowed to audit my class.

Columbia College does not permit its students to audit classes. However, seniors who have completed all the requirements for graduation may be permitted to register for R (Registration) credit. Such students receive no academic credit but must undertake any work required by the instructor. Students wishing to register for R credit must have the permission of both the instructor and the Committee on Academic Standing, so please refer students to their advising deans.

A student has approached me to be allowed to register for the class after the deadline for adding classes.

Students wishing to add a class to their academic program after the deadline (which occurs at the end of the second week of the semester), must petition the Committee on Academic Standing. The decision whether or not to allow a student to register late is made by taking into account a range of information, including the degree of participation in the class that the student has already demonstrated and the reason for not being able to register before the deadline. Please refer the student to their advising dean.

A student has approached me to be allowed to register for overlapping classes.

Students wishing to register for overlapping classes must petition the Committee on Academic Standing. Permission is rarely granted and usually only for seniors for whom both classes are necessary to graduate and the overlap does not exceed 10 minutes. To petition, students must first gain the approval of the relevant instructors by obtaining their signatures on the petition form. Instructors should only sign the form if they approve the overlap. Students should be aware, however, that instructor approval is just one step in the process and does not guarantee that permission will be granted. The Committee on Academic Standing will then review the petition.

A student wishes to take the class for a grade of Pass/D/Fail.

There is no need for a student to request your permission to take a class for a Pass/D/Fail grade. Students can elect this grading option on-line at any time up until the deadline for doing so and instructors should submit a letter grade, even if the student has registered Pass/D/Fail for the course. At the request of the language instructional staff, students are not permitted to take any language instruction class for a grade of Pass/D/Fail. Students who believe their circumstances warrant an exception to this policy may petition the Committee on Academic Standing. Such students should be referred to their Advising Deans in the Berick Center for Student Advising.

Electronic Waitlist

The Registrar's Office has now implemented a new online Wait List feature for course registration in SSOL.

The new Wait List eliminates the need for faculty and other instructors to use paper or other stand-alone methods for managing course enrollment, and you are able to choose the Wait List option in SSOL that works best for the needs of an individual course.

The Registrar's Office has developed reference documents to assist you in your use of this feature.

If you have any questions, please contact your DAAF, or the Wait List team at