Information for syllabi

It is important that students are fully informed of your expectations and policies for the class. As a result, you are very much encouraged to include the following information in your syllabi:

 A sample text for syllabi, which can be customized for your class, might read:

Students are expected to do their own work on all tests and assignments for this class and act in accordance with the Faculty Statement on Academic Integrity and Honor Code established by the students of Columbia College and the School of General Studies. Because any academic integrity violation undermines our intellectual community, students found to have cheated, plagiarized, or committed any other act of academic dishonesty can expect [specify academic sanction] and may be referred to the Dean’s Discipline process.

It is students’ responsibility to ensure their work maintains the standards expected and should you have any questions or concerns regarding your work, you can:

  • Talk with your TA
  • Ask the instructor
  • Refer to the Columbia University Undergraduate Guide to Academic Integrity.