Columbia College Alumni Association Engagement Committees 2014–2015

The Columbia College Alumni Association Engagement Committees were established when the CCAA created a strategic plan that identified four key priority areas — pride and recognition, service and philanthropy, intellectual engagement and a power network — as the CCAA’s foundation for building full-scale alumni engagement. The committees focused on each of these four areas are managed by dedicated volunteers who are committed to building a rich, integrated community of College alumni, students, faculty and friends.

Eugene I. Davis ’75, SIPA’76, LAW’80, P: ’05, ’07
Stephanie A. Foster ’12
Leslie Gittess ’88
Stefanie F. Katz-Rothman ’88
Arthur H. Kohn ’84, LAW’86, P: ’13
Scott H. Koonin ’02
Eric A. Mendelson ’87, BUS’89, P: ’17, ’19
A. Paul Neshamkin ’63
Tala T. Akhavan ’13
Michael P. Behringer ’89
Eyvana M. Bengochea ’16
Craig B. Brod ’77
Robyn Andrea C. Burgess ’10
Joan M. Campion ’92
David D. Chait ’07, BUS’13
Suprio Chaudhuri ’86
Natalia Christenson BC’11
Steven E. Coleman ’83, P: ’15
Sarah M. Decker ’07
Jeremy E. Dickstein ’88
Mary Martha F. Douglas ’11, GSAS’12
Michael C. Foss ’03, GSAPP’12
Alan M. Freeman ’93
Gairy C. Hall Jr. ’11, BUS’16
Jennifer S. Hsia ’06
Michelle Estilo Kaiser ’87, PH’92, PS’97
Brian C. Krisberg ’81, LAW’84, P: ’17
Adam Kuerbitz ’12
Frederick G. Kushner ’70, PS’74, P: ’03, ’06
Youn H. Lee ’01
Barry A. Levine ’65, P: ’95, ’97, LAW’97, PS’00, BUS’01
Daniel N. Liss
Andrew D. Lorber ’04, SIPA’08
Stephanie Yu-Yi Lung ’04
John P. Mastando III ’93, LAW’96
William A. Maxfield ’14
Michael S. Oberman ’69, P: ’10
Souren G. Ouzounian ’89
Roy W. Pomerantz ’83
Alexander S. Rosen ’11
Stacy M. Rotner ’99
Steven P. Schwartz ’70, SIPA’97
Gerald Sherwin ’55
Lawrence D. Slaughter ’85, P: ’19
Roxann S. Smithers ’99, LAW’02
Lawrence D. Trilling ’88
David F.A. Walker ’80
Sherri Pancer Wolf ’90