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Columbia College Today July 2004
Cover Story


 Reunion 2004
 John Reeves Casts
 Flouting Convention,
    Part I: Wayne Root
    Gambles His Way
    to Success
 Flouting Convention,
    Part II: Annie Duke
    Finds Her Place at
    the Poker Table



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Hayots Badeevuh: Reminiscences of Armenian Life in New York City

by Levon Z. Boyajian M.D. ’51. A descendent of the Armenian genocide narrates his immigrant family’s experience in New York’s Washington Heights, focusing on the “Hayots Badeevuh” (Honor of the Armenians), a psychological phenomenon associated with denial of genocide (Taderon Press, $14).

Novel Practices: Classic Modern Fiction

by Eugene Goodheart ’53. A literary scholar surveys modern literature, examines the shift from the ideal hero of ancient epics to the flawed protagonists of modern novels and looks critically at narrators’ authority and the relationship between narrator and author (Transaction, $29.95).

Open Heart

by Jay Neugeboren ’59. In this memoir of his battle with heart disease, the author of Transforming Madness: New Lives for People Living With Mental Illness (1999) recalls the obstacles he faced in the confusing health care system and the lifelong friends who helped him receive proper treatment (Houghton Mifflin, $24).

American Sucker
American Sucker by David Denby '65

American Sucker

by David Denby ’65. In order to keep his apartment after the breakup of his marriage, the New Yorker film critic and journalist sought to earn a million dollars in the stock market but instead became caught up in the frenetic optimism and greed of American capitalism in the 1990s (Little, Brown & Co., $24.95).

Love Your Neighbor and Yourself: A Jewish Approach to Modern Personal Ethics

by Elliot N. Dorff ’65. This third volume in a trilogy on modern ethics draws on Jewish tradition and modern sources to discuss sexuality, privacy and the complexities of forgiveness (The Jewish Publication Society, $34.95).

The View From Ringside

by Thomas Hauser ’67. This collection by the noted boxing writer includes 65 articles spanning 18 months starting in January 2002, including insider stories on personalities such as Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr. and Don King (Sport Class Books, $22.95).

A Burning Interior

by David Shapiro ’68. Featuring pieces such as poems for Picasso, a variety of prose poetry, pensive elegies and translations of Baudelaire and Rilke, this award-winning poet’s fifth volume of poetry offers a universal collection that is “at the same time, powerfully Jewish” ($24.95, The Overlook Press).

Washington: Portrait of a City
Washington: Portrait of a City by Steve Gottlieb '68

Washington: Portrait of a City

by Steve Gottlieb ’68. This reissue of a celebrated photo collection of the nation’s capital captures its architecture, monuments and landscapes; from a renowned photographer designated by Eastman Kodak as a “Kodak Professional Icon” (Taylor Trade Publishing, $35).

Collected Poems
Collected Poems by Paul Auster '69

Collected Poems

by Paul Auster ’69. This collection of early poems from the author of The New York Trilogy (1990) includes fragments from his early 20s, translations of French poets such as Éluard, Breton and Tazara, and the previously unpublished “Notes From a Composition Book,” written while he was an undergraduate (The Overlook Press, $24.95).

The Limbic Brain

by Andrew Lautin M.D. ’70. This overview of the limbic brain traces concepts and principles from Broca’s limbic lobe proposal in 1878 through Papez’s circuit, MacLean’s limbic system, Nauta’s limbic midbrain form and Heimer and Wilson’s theorem of an inextricable link between limbic and neighboring districts (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, $76).

Looking for a Sign in the West: A Road Poem

by Peter Tuttle ’71. This “low rent spiritual biography through the American West” uses poems to describe the author’s experiences and feelings on a trip across the western United States (Back Shore, $15).

The Origins of Roman Historical Commemoration in the Visual Arts

by Peter J. Holliday ’75. This study of commemorative art in the Roman Republic explores the narrative qualities of Roman art and the historical messages the Roman elite attempted to transmit through images (Cambridge University Press, $80).

Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach

by Paul Gulino ’80. The author shows how the use of “sequences” in screenwriting can overcome the challenges of sustaining an audience’s emotional involvement, as demonstrated in well-known films ranging from Double Indemnity to The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Continuum, $14.95).

Complete Poems/Claude McKay

edited by William J. Maxwell ’84. More than 300 poems give an in-depth look at the versatility of African-American poet Claude McKay from his days in rural Jamaica to his post-exile in Harlem (University of Illinois Press, $39.95).

The Plaza Mayor and the Shaping of Baroque Madrid
The Plaza Mayor and the Shaping of Baroque Madrid by Jesús Escobar ’89

The Plaza Mayor and the Shaping of Baroque Madrid

by Jesús Escobar ’89. This detailed study of town planning in late 16th-century Spain examines how Madrid, with its Plaza Mayor city square, was transformed from a small market town to the capital of the Spanish Habsburg empire (Cambridge University Press, $85).

Girl Meets God

by Lauren F. Winner ’97. In the year after converting from Orthodox Judaism to Christianity, Winnie — the daughter of a Reform Jewish father and a Southern Baptist mother — must reconcile her Jewish past with her newly adopted faith (Random House, $13.95).

In Defense of Globalization
In Defense of Globalization by Jagdish Bhagwati, University Professor

In Defense of Globalization

by Jagdish Bhagwati, University Professor. The renowned economist and expert on international economic behavior responds to the “concerns of antiglobalization groups,” arguing that globalization, when effectively applied, can improve social conditions around the world (Oxford University Press, $28).

Immersed in Great Affairs: Allan Nevins and the Heroic Age of American History

by Gerald L. Fetner. This first exhaustive biography of former Columbia history professor Allan Nevins traces his life from influential journalist for various New York newspapers to a renowned historian whose commitment to narrative history defied social scientific trends (State University of New York Press, $45).

C.T. Hsia on Chinese Literature

by C.T. Hsia, professor emeritus of Chinese. This collection not only studies traditional drama, early modern fiction and Chinese communist fiction, but also provides a critical perspective on Chinese literature and the Western methods used to appreciate it (Columbia University Press, $39.50).

Women and Confucian Cultures in Premodern China, Korea, and Japan, edited

by Dorothy Ko, Barnard professor of history; Jahyun Kim Haboush, King Sejong Professor of Korean Studies; and Joan R. Piggott. These essays contend that the conventional notion of Confucianism as anti-feminist unfairly represents the social and cultural histories of pre-modern East Asia (University of California Press, $24.95).

Uptown Conversation: The New Jazz Studies

edited by Robert G. O’Meally, Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English and Comparative Literature; Brent Hayes Edwards; and Farah Jasmine Griffin, professor of English and comparative literature. These essays examine jazz’s impact on culture, its experimental wing and the influence of settings outside the United States as well as offer a fresh look at jazz greats such as Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Thelonious Monk (Columbia University Press, $24.50).

Peter Kang ’05


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