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The CCAA Lion

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The CCAA Lion

The Columbia College Alumni Association is a community that includes all Columbia College alumni as well as current students, and in April 2014, CCAA was pleased to introduce its new face. This logo is the outcome of a 14-month initiative that set out to redefine CCAA’s role, domain and membership in a way that would be welcoming, inspiring and purposeful.

More than 50 alumni across several generations and with differing levels of engagement participated in the development of this logo, which represents a new spirit and era for CCAA. Working closely with Beardwood LLC and BBDO Worldwide, CCAA confirmed that its alumni are independent, intellectual, full of ideas (and opinions!) and determination, and that they are deeply proud of their connection to our great college and its remarkable cohort of more than 49,000 alumni. Our new brand, an expression of our people, connects us to the Columbia Lion, which was borne out of CCAA in 1910. The updated Lion exhibits important qualities of alumni nobility, wisdom, thoughtfulness and confidence. Look for the face on our website, in emails, on social media, in Columbia College Today and at our events and programs.

History of the Lion
Our Alumni Roar Back