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Reunion Giving

Columbia Reunion Photo

Classes return to campus each spring to celebrate their reunion, gather with old friends, share memories and reconnect with the College. These are important occasions to recognize time at Columbia and affirm an important link with current students. This is also an extraordinary opportunity to raise support for the College. Classmates unite to make generous gifts to the College Fund.

The key to a successful Reunion includes strong alumni leadership, ambitious goals and an enthusiastic sense of dedication to the College.

At the core of each Reunion effort is the Gift Committee, a group of alumni volunteers whose aim is to increase unrestricted support for the Columbia College Fund through vigorous outreach to classmates and a spirited commitment to the College. During Reunion Weekend, the Gift Committee for each class presents the Class Gift, a symbol of the alumni community's renewed faith in the College and its ongoing connection with current students. We hope you join fellow alumni in creating a memorable reunion that will make a lasting impact on the college.


Reunion Leadership Partners

Reunion Leadership Partners pave the way for their class reunion campaigns with contributions of $10,000 or more to the Columbia College Fund. For those in their 5th and 1st reunions, Reunion Leadership Partner recognition begins at $5,000 and $1,000, respectively. This generous support from alumni spanning all milestone reunion years is crucial to sustain the growing needs of the College and its remarkable students.

We thank the following alumni for their generosity and are pleased to recognize them as Reunion Leadership Partners:

  • Adel Aslani-Far CC'90

  • Robert Berne CC'60

  • Raymond Chan CC'95

  • Usama Cortas CC'00

  • Carlos Cuevas CC'05

  • Robert Fischbein CC'60

  • Kevin Galligan CC'05

  • James Gerkis CC'80

  • Craig Godshall CC'80

  • Emily Gruber CC'19

  • David Javdan CC'90

  • John Keehner CC'00

  • John Keller CC'85

  • Jeffrey Kessler CC'75

  • Christine Lai CC'95

  • David Leahy CC'80

  • Sunhee Lee CC'90

  • Robert Machleder CC'60

  • Ira Malin CC'75

  • Edward Malmstrom CC'65

  • Charles Mayer CC'65

  • Peter Meier CC'90

  • Alan Meyerson CC'70

  • Cindy Z. Michel CC'95

  • Joshua Milstein CC'10

  • Paul Myers CC'85

  • Juwa Nguy CC'95

  • Francis Phillip CC'90

  • Walter Ricciardi CC'75

  • Yong-Kyoo Rim CC'00

  • Zachary Silverzweig CC'05

  • Isabel Taylor CC'19

  • Vicky Tong CC'15

  • John Vincenti CC'90

  • Christoph Westphal CC'90

  • Sherri Wolf CC'90

Past Reunion Leadership Partners

  • Michael Agelasto CC’69

  • Francis Aquila CC’79

  • Matthew Assiff CC’89

  • Jack Auspitz CC’64

  • Jerome Avorn CC'69

  • Kamel Bahary CC'54

  • Maiken Baird CC’89

  • Gabor Balassa CC’94

  • Michael Barry CC’89

  • Michael Behringer CC’89

  • Randy Berkowitz CC’04

  • Stephanie Bernik CC’89

  • Charles Bethill CC69

  • James Brandt CC’79

  • James Brett CC’84

  • Stephen Buchman CC’59

  • Lisa Carnoy CC’89

  • Stephen Case CC64

  • Arnold Chavkin CC74

  • Thomas Chow CC’94

  • John Cirigliano CC64

  • John Connor CC89

  • Christine Cronin-Hurst CC’84

  • Rudolph Cutino CC’49

  • Jurrien Dean CC'64

  • Christopher Della Pietra CC’89

  • Anna Fang-Hamm CC’04

  • William Frye CC’59

  • Daniel Futterman CC’89

  • Lawrence Goldschmidt CC’64

  • James Gorton CC’84

  • Michael Hall CC’84

  • Maya Ho CC’18

  • Rob Hora CC’99

  • Alan Kahn CC’59

  • Jeffrey Kateman CC’89

  • Howard Kleinman CC’84

  • Brooks and Laura Klimley CC79

  • Edward Kornreich CC’74

  • Kara Kupferberg CC’18

  • Emily Lavine CC’18

  • Andrew Lebwohl CC’04

  • Mark Lebwohl CC’74

  • Robert Lee CC’84

  • Howard Lemberg CC’69

  • Simon Kun Hung Li CC’99

  • Daniel Loflin CC89

  • John and Donna MacPhee CC’89

  • Guillermo Marroquin CC’94

  • Megan McGowan Epstein CC94

  • Richard Menaker CC’69

  • Victor Mendelson CC'89

  • Julie Menin CC'89

  • Marshall Meyer CC64

  • Michael Oberman CC’69

  • Jen Ostfeld CC’99

  • Souren Ouzounian CC'89

  • Hyun Park CC’84

  • Luis Penalver CC’89

  • Giacomo and Kate Picco CC’99

  • Meredith Milstein Polivy CC’09

  • Richard Rapaport CC69

  • Arthur Rettig CC’64

  • Kurt Roelofffs CC’84

  • Mark Rogers CC64

  • Robert Rooney CC’89

  • Michael Rosenblatt CC’69

  • Nathan Rosin CC’18

  • Michael Rothfeld CC69

  • Sara Sakowitz CC’18

  • Kenneth Scheffel CC’59

  • Jonathan Schiller CC69

  • Sameer Shamsi CC’99

  • Herbert Stern CC'59

  • Warren Stern CC74

  • Brian Thomson CC’89

  • Patrick Tsang CC’94

  • Carlton Wessel CC’84

  • Raymond Yu CC’89

  • Christina Ying CC’89

  • Anonymous CC04

  • Anonymous CC’04

  • Anonymous CC’94

  • Anonymous CC’74

Reunion Committee Volunteering

The Office of Alumni Affairs and Development is committed to helping each class take full advantage of its reunion celebration. Interested in joining your Reunion Committee?