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The Columbia College Fund has a tremendous impact on the lives of Columbia College students. Gifts to the College Fund help meet the essential needs of students, supporting their exploration and growth at Columbia.

Core Curriculum

“I especially value the Core Curriculum. It’s a shared experience, emphasizing respect for all voices, that connects me to Columbia students across generations. Core courses like Literature Humanities and Contemporary Civilizations enable me to study the foundational ideas of the past to understand my role in society today. With the Core, I can and do discover how I can help propel my communities in the future.”- Sareen Balian CC’23

“I chose Columbia because I was fascinated by the Core Curriculum and excited to extend my knowledge across various subjects. The Core has allowed me to read and engage with various texts that give me the opportunity to put myself into different cultural contexts and gain some insight into how literature reveals more about various cultures.” - Raymond Sterling CC’24

Financial Aid

“The generosity of Columbia's alumni donors and financial aid program has made it possible for me to be at Columbia. When I was applying to Columbia, it felt like getting into the school was only half the worry - the other half was wondering if I would be able to afford to come here. Because of a scholarship fund provided by alumni donors, I was able to choose Columbia and I am extremely thankful for this opportunity.”- Katie Gorman CC’23

As a first-generation college student, Columbia College’s financial aid program has not only made it possible for me to attend college, but has also broadened my horizons and given me a greater sense of ambition that I will cherish perennially. The generosity of Columbia College supporters changed my life and I hope to one day pay it forward by giving others the opportunity I have been afforded.” - Alqaim Lalani CC’23


“It is only with your generous support that I was able to pursue my internship as an undergraduate research assistant. This opportunity has taught me a lot about the field I aim to pursue professionally and has helped create further opportunities for me in the future. For this, I am extremely thankful.” - Stanislav DeLaurentiis CC’23

“I sincerely appreciate the help I received for my summer internship. It allowed me to develop my own professional skills and interests and help many young immigrant women in New York City. I learned how much I enjoy doing work that has tangible positive consequences. I am so grateful to have developed professional relationships with fellow interns and my supervisor.” - Mabel Smith CC’22

Student Life

I am vice president of operations of Columbia Synapse, a group that advocates for individuals with invisible disabilities and provides opportunities for the public and campus community to learn more about neuroscience and brain injury. I am also a member of the Synapse Peer Buddy program. I am grateful to be able to participate in activities that engage with the community of individuals with disabilities.” - Claire Shubeck CC’23

Courses are only one of the many things that Columbia has to offer, and I have enjoyed exploring extracurriculars. One of the clubs I have been enjoying has been the satirical newspaper, The Federalist. It has allowed me to engage with many of my interests simultaneously — art, comedy and the news.” - Lillian Aregawi CC’24